Get Your First Look Of Nadine Lustre In Mikhail Red’s New Horror Movie

The level of talent from the cast and crew is immense.

Nadine Lustre’s burgeoning scream queen era continues with a new techno-inspired horror movie from director Mikhail Red.

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Most people associate Nadine Lustre with rom-coms and dramas when it comes to her acting career. But she recently showed everyone that she can also excel in another genre. With her return to acting in Greed, Nadine showed that she can slay (literally and figuratively) in a horror or thriller. While the movie itself left much to be desired, Nadine impressed many with her acting with people hoping she would appear in more of the genre. And those wishes were recently answered as Nadine’s next movie project is going to be a horror movie with none other than rising Filipino director Mikhail Red.


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On July 8, it was revealed that Mikhail Red’s next project is going to be a techno-horror film called Deleter. It will star Nadine Lustre alongside Louise delos Reyes and McCoy de Leon, meanwhile The script is being written by Red and his younger brother Nikolas. The movie is set to revolve around the murky industry of online moderation. Described as a psychological thriller, the plot will follow a young woman who works as an online content moderator. One day, she deleted a suicide video made by her co-worker on social media. The video itself doesn’t affect her much due to how desensitized she has become. But her troubled past and a mysterious vengeful presence soon come back to haunt her.

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Content moderation and the Philippines is an interesting topic to explore. Social media in the country is a very messy topic with all sorts of content floating around. Social media companies also outsource many content moderation duties to countries like the Philippines. The job requires people to personally go through feeds and delete content against the terms and rules of the platform. In doing so, content moderators can sometimes come across the nastiest of videos during their job.

“[The Philippines] is now known as the content moderation capital of the world, “ Red said in an interview with Variety, who first broke the story. “Moderators work in clandestine or shadowy operations and are often exposed to the filth of society, watching countless videos and images with disturbing and graphic content, which can lead to lasting trauma, as well as psychological and emotional distress all for a low wage.” He continues, “Most of them do not have proper access to proper work benefits, mental health support and counseling. This genre film attempts to unlock the dark secrets and consequences of their world, especially in a world where the truth is filtered and distortion is prevalent.”


When Greed premiered in April 2022, Nadine was a revelation in her role as Kichi. She was the film’s saving grace, especially during the final act when she snaps and unleashed unhinged Kichi. Nadine demonstrated that she can and will eat up a horror/thriller role when given the chance and we very much wanted the multihyphenate star to purse more of these roles. The news is made even better knowing that she’s going to work with Mikhail Red. He’s known for his foray into horror and thrillers in his films such as Rekorder, Birdshot, and Eerie (the latter two of which can be streamed on Netflix).

Deleter is being produced by Viva Films and is set to be in production this August and September. The film is expected to be completed by the end of the year to have key festival launches. Its been busy days recently for Nadine Lustre as we finally got confirmation of her next acting role among other movies she is working on. There’s also the fact that she’s staring to build her latest business, Cool Girl Projects, which she hopes to use to make content for the brands she works with. Expect Deleter to arrive sometime in 2023 if not by the end of the year.

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