6 Times Nadine Lustre Was The Embodiment Of ‘My Body, My Choice’

She's not here to please anyone but herself.

Nadine Lustre is strong, proud, and unapologetic about herself, her body, and her life. Check out some of the times the queen herself was the epitome of the saying “my body, my choice.”

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It’s tough out here to be a woman. From unwarranted comments about our bodies to people thinking they have a say in what you want to do with it, we face a world that thinks it can define and control our very being and every single one of our choices.

And for public figures, there’s no doubt all that is amplified because they’re always in front of a camera, perceived by thousands and thousands of people on the daily. Female celebrities in the Philippines are primarily on the receiving end of unsolicited comments and even hate from people talking bad about their bodies. Actress, singer, and entrepreneur Nadine Lustre is unfortunately no exception. But despite what the haters may say, she’s a pro at reclaiming her narrative from netizens, bashers, and people who don’t like the changes in her body (as if it’s theirs).

The Internet’s president totally embodies “my body, my choice.” Below are a few moments where Nadine Lustre was the picture of confidence and integrity as she embraces her entire being unapologetically, all with an attitude that we could take inspiration from.


Responding to a now-deleted X post back in 2021 which criticized her weight and her body, Nadine made her stance on bodies very clearly—she doesn’t stand for any kind of body shaming from anyone. Just because she’s a public figure doesn’t give anyone the right to demand that she look or live her life a certain way.


@jadinemoments her body, her choice. ✨🤎 #nadinelustre #jadine #fyp ♬ original sound – JaDineMoments – not a cult

Tattoos are still very much a taboo among conservative Filipinos. Nadine has several of her own, varying in sizes, and she’s mentioned that a lot of people—even fans—sometimes get upset that she gets them. But if they perceive it as unbecoming or something that “ruins” someone’s life, that’s on them. “You can’t really please everyone,” she comments. As Nadine says, her tattoos tell stories about her life, and she consciously made the decision to get them. It’s not anybody else’s business but hers.


Listen—bras are a pain sometimes! If someone makes the decision to go braless for any reason whatsoever, that’s their prerogative. When this video of a braless Nadine surfaced, the reactions were mixed. People were praising the artist, but others were going on and on in the comments and on social media about “modesty” and hating her for “perpetuating” the idea that it’s okay to go braless (BTW, it is and it should be).

It’s such a non-issue—she can do and wear whatever she wants, and honestly, the only thing that should change is how judgmental we are as a society. And on that note, what we can also do better is create and foster environments where girls and women are safe to dress and express themselves however they want.


nadine lustre beach


nadine lustre pfw


Whether she’s walking carpets in avant-garde gowns, drenched in fake blood, soaking up the sun in a bikini, or showcasing her curves in sultry snaps, Nadine confidently owns every outfit she wears. Doesn’t matter if she’s all glammed-up or fresh from a swim, the artist knows her own body, her value, and her self-worth. She’s all about embracing yourself and living your best empowered life—no matter what you look like or what you wear.


After a now-unavailable Facebook post commented on her skin color after spending time in Siargao, Nadine took to X to throw shade at the page, calling it trash and implying they were just clout chasing. She also added to a thread saying “also if anyone finds out who owns that page lmk. I just wanna say hello.” The artist has often clapped back at people who negatively comment about dark skin—as she should. It’s really disappointing how, even now in 2023, colorism still runs rampant in this country and darker skin is deemed inferior to fairer skin. Props to Nadine for always shutting down any colorist comments directed at her and embracing every aspect of her body.


Now that’s a mindset! Often when our clothes fit us a little too snugly, the thoughts immediately go to “oh, I should lose weight.” But for Nadine, being the slayer that she is, what she needs is a new set of clothes because she loves and appreciates the body she has—and she’s keeping it.


Come on, people—Nadine is a grown woman. How disrespectful is it for you to tag her friends or loved ones and insinuate that they should try to change her? Whether it’s the clothes she wears or the decisions she makes about her body, her life is not anyone else’s to control.

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