How MOONBIN&SANHA Brought The Madness With Their Latest Comeback

New year, new comeback

MOONBIN&SANHA let us in deeper into what makes them tick, that viral performance at the 2022 Busan Water Festival, New Year’s goals, and more.

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Life is sometimes filled with those happy accidents, moments where you didn’t expect to happen but lead to some wonderful results. That feeling is what you could use to describe MOONBIN&SANHA, ASTRO’s sub-unit that has been tearing up the charts and music shows with their attention-grabbing charms. In early 2020, MOON BIN AND YOON SAN-HA were both serving as hosts for a music show, nothing out of the ordinary there. That is until people saw how good their chemistry was together. Their company then brought up the idea of the two ASTRO members forming a unit, and the rest, as they say, is history.


They came out of the gate swinging in September 2020 with the hit single Bad Idea and debut EP IN-OUT. The former would go on to make history as it won first place at a music show only eight days after release, making MOONBIN&SANHA the unit to take first place in the shortest period in K-Pop’s history. That debut was then followed by 2022’s REFUGE EP and they recently kicked off 2023 with the release of their third mini-album, INCENSE.

moonbin and sanha

Returning ten months after their last release, the duo settle down as the “unrealistic sub-unit” representing the sexiness that no one else will exceed through this new album. More than three years into the unit’s life, MOON BIN AND YOON SAN-HA are still churning out surprises from their fans, including their solo songs and title track Madness in the six-track body of work. The latter in particular is a pop dance song with an intense bass sound and elements of EDM and big band. A testament to their skills, watching the song’s choreography makes us already tired but the two pull it off with ease. And if that wasn’t enough, the duo are hitting the road for their fancon which includes a stop in Manila on 25.

Following the release of the mini-album, NYLON Manila had the chance to speak with the two K-pop idols where they let us in deeper on what makes MOONBIN&SANHA tick, that viral performance at the 2022 Busan Water Festival, New Year’s goals, and more.

When you guys first came together for this subunit, did you expect it to go as well as it did?

MOON BIN: At first we were worried because MOONBIN&SANHA has a quite different concept and image from those of ASTRO. We weren’t sure if people would like it. However, we still wanted to show our new sides as a unit, so we studied a lot about the mature concept. Thankfully, we received a lot of love, and that’s why we are able to release unit albums so far. We’re always thankful for such love for us.

Given that INCENSE is your third mini-album together, do you guys still feel pressure when it’s time to release new music?

YOON SAN-HA: I think I get nervous all the time. Even though our seventh debut anniversary is coming up, I still get nervous and it didn’t really change. But I try to calm myself by keep thinking, “Don’t be nervous, you should show what you got!”

moonbin and sanha

What has been your favorite live stage you’ve done for this comeback?

MOON BIN: My favorite is our second appearance on SBS Inkigayo. It was our second week of promotions, so it was more organized overall, and I got to control my power more while performing!

YOON SAN-HA: I think the comeback showcase is the most memorable. It was special because it was the first performance in front of our fandom, AROHA.

INCENSE is the first time you guys were able to include your own solo tracks. What was the experience like getting to work on your own music?

MOON BIN: I created the melody for Desire with another composer because I’m a fan of pop and R&B genres. It tells the story of two people being attracted to each other due to their differences and opposite charms.

moonbin and sanha

YOON SAN-HA: I was thinking a lot about what to write for my solo track, and I wanted to express my gratitude for AROHA’s love over the years through a song. That’s how Wish started.

Madness and its choreography are intense, but you guys make it look effortless. How do you come up with these mesmerizing stages?

MOON BIN: We practiced Madness choreography a lot and focused on its performance since the song itself is very powerful.

YOON SAN-HA: When I first heard the word Madness, I was a little worried about how to express it well. As we were learning the choreography, I was able to work on my facial expressions to fit the performance. Also, I practiced by watching various videos for reference.

moonbin and sanha

Is the way you prepare for a sub-unit comeback different as compared to when you prepare for an ASTRO comeback?

YOON SAN-HA: This album includes a lot of our opinions and ideas. BIN participated in writing the lyrics for the title, and both of us worked on our solo tracks, which makes this album extra special!

A highlight and viral moment for you two last year was when you performed at the Waterbomb Festival Busan. What was the experience like getting to perform at such a cool festival?

MOON BIN: It was a great experience to perform at the Waterbomb Festival Busan. We want to perform at more festivals too, so it’d be great to join various festivals if there is a good opportunity this year.

moonbin and sanha

What’s the most surprising thing you’ve learned about each other during your time as a duo?

MOON BIN: I always knew SAN-HA likes to eat sweets, but I never knew he likes them that much before doing unit activities.

YOON SAN-HA: BIN is a part of the younger member line in ASTRO, so he shows more cute sides in the group. He’s a bit more serious and acts like a leader when he’s in the unit with me.

What are your goals for 2023?

MOON BIN: I hope to work out for this album activities since we came back at the beginning of the new year. Also, I promise to show various charms not only as a uni,t but also as an individual.

YOON SAN-HA: I have a lot of goals for the new year. One of them is taking on more challenges, and another is working hard to present various sides as MOONBIN&SANHA.

moonbin and sanha

If someone is to make a MOONBIN&SANHA playlist, what three songs of yours do you think needs to be included in it?

MOON BIN: I recommend Perfumer’, Alone, and Madness.

YOON SAN-HA: I’d like to recommend ‘Madness’, ‘Desire’, and Wish!

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