Moira dela Torre Hurts Us Anew With Her New Music Video for ‘ikaw at sila’


After this, wandering through city streets alone at night and eating instant noodles at convenience stores will never be the same.

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After breaking, mending, and filling hearts anew at her sold-out concert at the Araneta Coliseum last weekend, Moira dela Torre gives us the feels yet again with her just-released music video for her new heartbreaker, ikaw at sila. Inspired by and a reinvention of her past hugot songs, ikaw at sila takes that Moira effect—one that hurts and heals simultaneously—on an overwhelming, goosebumps- and lss-inducing level. And with an equally melancholic short film of a music video to accompany it, you’re in for some sorrowful yet cathartic experience that your marupok hearts surely need.


Moira dela Torre 'ikaw at sila'

Combining melodies and revising words from Tagpuan and Ikaw at Ako, the music of ikaw at sila hums a familiar tune yet packs a distinctly woeful message. While Tagpuan carries the joy of finding the right person and Ikaw at Ako marks the beginning of a lifelong promise, ikaw at sila laments a bond that has been broken, a heart betrayed. 

As her fans describe it, Moira dela Torre has created a trilogy of heart-rending music that chronicles her journey through love—one that is as gutting as it is terrifying. The pain is especially different knowing that we can revisit all of Moira and her ex-partner’s experiences through their past songs and videos.


It starts with a wedding vow; a faint sound wrapped in darkness that’s evocative of a memory, a dream, or even a nightmare. And with a song that is an ode to a love that was, there couldn’t be a more painful introduction than a promise that has been broken. This is the core story that Moira dela Torre achingly tells us in her official music video for her latest track, ikaw at sila.

From meeting someone at an ideal and spiritual place to seeing him in another’s embrace, from being an answered prayer to someone that you have to let go, from being you and him to only you in the end, Moira seemingly reminds us of how love can be so cruel in ikaw at sila. And this also effectively translates in the music video’s gloomy and pensive images. 

While Tagpuan and Ikaw at Ako depict the vibrant light of togetherness and fresh romance, we see Moira dela Torre in ikaw at sila wandering through the city streets alone with the darkness of the night. With shots crafted by Jear Velasquez and Shaira Luna, the music video is a moving rendering that accurately captures the feeling of being lost and left with this suffocating void. Nevertheless, meandering at convenience stores and eating instant noodles alone will never be the same after watching the ikaw at sila music video.

As revealed in the song’s lyric video, ikaw at sila will be the fifth track in Moira’s upcoming album. And based on the online sneak peeks of her concert performance of her new songs, an emotional but brave English-language ballad and a new composition that does not hold back, it seems like we’ll be seeing Moira dela Torre in her new exciting era, one that fans liken to Taylor Swift’s Reputation comeback. That, and the sure success of her first-ever world tour.

Meanwhile, wallow in some feels and listen (at your own risk) to ikaw at sila on all streaming platforms.

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