9 Moira dela Torre Hugot Songs To Get Sentimental To At Her Concert

Bring some tissues.

There’s no better feeling than waving hands while letting it all out to Malaya during a Moira dela Torre concert.

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2023 started big for the Philippines’ hugot hitmaker Moira dela Torre as she announced earlier this month that she would be having her first-ever world tour. The award-winning and record-breaking OPM artist will spread the feels from February 10 to April 1, 2023 in the Middle East, USA, and Canada. But of course, she will kick it off first with a special and her third major concert at the Araneta Coliseum on February 3, giving the Filipinos another chance to release some pent-up emotions and just cry their hearts out.

Moira dela Torre CONCERT 2023

It’s a Moira concert, and we know that in the senti department, she always knows how to break our marupok selves, at times in the most cathartic of ways. So, as we count down the days to her concert, let’s look at all of Moira’s songs that we would most like to hear and bawl our eyes out to.


Ever since Moira dela Torre released her multi-platinum (eight times!) debut album, Malaya, in 2018 and became the most-streamed Filipino artist on Spotify that year, she never really stopped hurting us with her music (in the best way possible, of course), churning out romantic hits after hits. The way her poignant lyrics meld with ethereal melodies and her distinctly delicate voice makes for an ideal albeit painful space to escape to.

This is much evident in her early hit and currently most-streamed piece Tagpuan. Dealing with that heart-stopping moment of finding your “the one,” Tagpuan has quickly become the anthem of those who have and are still waiting for that right-person-right-moment experience to come. And knowing how Moira’s love story turned out to be, Tagpuan will surely hit different when she sings it at her concert.

Ikaw At Ako

Speaking of Moira dela Torre’s romantic history, another song that for sure will squeeze our hearts on another level is Ikaw At Ako. Written by Moira and her ex-husband Jason Hernandez especially for their wedding in 2019, Ikaw At Ako was supposed to be the former couple’s love story theme song. With their split last year, the song has now taken on a different meaning and effect, one that will surely turn on the waterworks on February 3. Oh, Moira has also just released a new track called Ikaw at Sila, updating some lyrics from Tagpuan and this time, tackling the pain of a love that did not work out.


And when a relationship does not work, the road to setting people free and moving on starts. That emotionally difficult journey is captured in Moira dela Torre’s Paubaya. You see, Moira has got all the songs you need for all the stages of that complicated thing called love.

“Maraming naghihintay, maraming nagpatawad, maraming nagpalaya’t nagpaubaya,” said the singer-songwriter in the behind-the-scenes feature for the Paubaya music video. “I wanted to make sure that those people know that they are understood, that they are not alone. Masakit man ‘yung pinagdaanan nila, hindi sila nag-iisa.” Can Moira ever stop hurting us?


The official theme song of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla’s Netflix series 2 Good 2 Be True, Kumpas is about how a special someone can be your compass, your guide when you’re feeling lost, your savior in a storm, and your source of certainty and comfort amid doubts and challenges. Not feeling senti enough? Well, you should know that this is the last song co-written by Moira and Jason and that this is what Moira’s first social media post is about since the end of her three-year marriage. Imagine waving your hands with heavy tears to this song while Moira’s soulful voice caresses you. The feels!


While it’s not as massive as her recent pieces when it came out, Moira dela Torre’s debut single Love Me Instead evokes the same level of dreaminess and tenderness that we get from her. The song, which is also part of Moira’s debut EP Moira, is about looking for that happy ending that Pinoy hopeless romantics surely relate to.


Paalam is another heartbreaking piece from Moira dela Torre that our hearts will surely beat hard to. This marks her first collaboration with the nine-piece pop folk band Ben&Ben among other equally exquisite collab projects she did for her second studio album, Patawad. Paalam takes on the heartache of sudden goodbyes and being left in a relationship without any explanation. In short, the inexplicable pain of being ghosted. If you’ve fallen into this bitter trap, then ready yourselves for another emotional experience if Paalam is on Moira’s concert setlist.


Another song that for sure will do the trick and shower you with feels at the concert is Moira dela Torre’s Dito Ka Lang, a Filipino version of Lim Yeon’s In My Heart, which is the official soundtrack of the South Korean drama series Flower of Evil. One of the co-writers of the song, Moira’s creativity and musical talent shines on this one as she’s still able to capture the original’s wonder, warmth, and pensive nature in the translation’s moving and soothing words. Dito Ka Lang will melt a lot of attendees’ hearts no doubt.


When Babalik Sa’yo was released last year, fans speculated about a possible reconciliation of Moira’s failed relationship because of the song’s optimistic message. But Moira definitively said “nope,” and reminded everyone that it’s just a song. This is a testament to how Moira dela Torre not only gets us carried away by her hugot-filled music, but also by her hurtful yet inspiring love story. While Babalik Sa’yo is more upbeat and cheerful than other Moira melodies, its theme of romantic longing and that giddy feeling of meeting your special someone will still make anyone overcome with emotions.


And finally, the iconic song that we’re all excited to break our hearts to again is Moira dela Torre’s Malaya. Also the title of Moira’s best-selling debut album, Malaya is the song that, even if it’s about the pain of letting go, we’ve all sung three or four times in the karaoke. Every time we hear the first chords and Moira’s passionate and heartfelt vocals, our tear ducts just get activated and we become a mess of ourselves. And with Moira’s concert coming, there’s no better feeling than to reminisce about the love that was, purge yourselves of unhealthy emotions, and set ourselves free of all the pain while letting it all out to Malaya.

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