Miss Universe Philippines 2024 candidates

The Miss Universe Philippines 2024 Lineup Has Dropped! Here Are 10 Delegates We’re Keeping an Eye On

Queen behavior.

As we anticipate a tight race for the coveted crown, get to know the 10 Miss Universe Philippines 2024 candidates to watch out for.

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As the curtain rises on the highly anticipated Miss Universe Philippines 2024 pageant, the moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived—the official lineup of MUPH has been unveiled, introducing the stunning candidates who will be vying for the coveted crown.

Set to succeed Michelle Dee and represent the country in the 73rd edition of Miss Universe in Mexico City, 55 beautiful ladies from different parts of the country were presented as official delegates of Miss Universe Philippines 2024. Excitement is at its peak for this year’s MUPH, especially with the removal of the age limit, allowing ten delegates to represent various Filipino communities in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia.

Now, it’s time to choose your favorite from our list of 10 candidates we’re keeping an eye on for Miss Universe Philippines 2024.

Ahtisa Manalo | Quezon Province

After securing the 1st runner-up position at Miss International 2018, beauty queen Ahtisa Manalo is back in the spotlight, proudly carrying the banner for Quezon Province in the upcoming Miss Universe Philippines 2024. In a lively chat with ABS-CBN News, Ahtisa shared her newfound strength, highlighting her knack for handling challenges with finesse.

“I can handle a lot more things in a better way. Being an entrepreneur has not only allowed me to utilize my skills but has also given me the insight to recognize the potential that the Miss Universe Philippines platform holds,” she said. Since then, fans have been eagerly cheering for her, hoping Ahtisa finally clinches the title.

Alexandra Mae Rosales | Laguna

In an anticipated comeback to the pageant circuit, Alexandra Mae Rosales of the Philippines holds the title of Miss Supermodel Worldwide 2022, stealing hearts with her fervent dedication to our furry friends.

Beyond the runway, Miss Laguna 2024 runs her own on-the-go grooming and veterinary services, proving she’s a true advocate for animal welfare—and she’s set on a mission to make responsible pet ownership a lifestyle. From fun educational activities to practical resources, Alexandra ensures pet owners embrace their role in providing TLC to their four-legged pals, all while strutting with style and compassion.

Alexie Brooks | Iloilo

At MUPH 2024, it’s not just about beauty and brains—Filipino fans are rooting for brawn and the inspiring backstory of Alexie Brooks. Raised by her grandmother, Miss Iloilo’s life has been far from the glamour of pageantry, trading tiaras for a stint as a vegetable vendor and dominating the field as a national athlete.

But what truly sets her apart? If she clinches the coveted crown, she’ll make history as the first Miss Universe Philippines heptathlete, showcasing the power of resilience and determination in the pursuit of her dreams.

Anita Rose Gomez | Zambales

Beyond the buzz surrounding her viral vital statistics as a Miss Universe Philippines 2024 candidate, Anita Rose Gomez captivates hearts for reasons far beyond aesthetics and #bodygoals. Miss Zambales isn’t just a fashion-forward beauty; she’s the heart and soul of outreach programs, notably the Para Kay Juan At Juana Project. In the midst of all the glitz and glamour, Gomez is out there making a real difference. Let’s be honest, beauty isn’t just about measurements; it’s about the impact you make.

Chelsea Manalo | Bulacan

Chelsea Manalo is breaking barriers and taking names. Beyond her captivating beauty, Miss Bulacan is fueled by relentless determination to combat discrimination as a black Filipino-American. She stands as a beacon of change, a candidate spearheading a revolution in the pursuit of equality.

In a world where diversity is the heartbeat of progress, Chelsea emerges as a powerful force, challenging stereotypes and reshaping the narrative of what it means to be Miss Universe Philippines 2024.

Christi McGarry | Taguig

Christi McGarry is a powerhouse, shattering norms as the only Filipina to grace the Miss Intercontinental stage not once, but twice. At 34, she’s not merely gliding down the catwalk; she’s an advocate for environmental sustainability, proving that beauty and purpose go hand in hand.

Beyond being a strong presence on the stage, Miss Taguig emerges as an ambassador for a greener world. Get ready to witness a journey where every step is a testament to breaking boundaries and embracing a future where glamour meets global responsibility.

Dia Maté | Cavite

In the whirlwind of 2024, Dia Maté is booked and busy. Not only is she making waves as an OPM singer-songwriter, but Miss Cavite is also bringing a trifecta of beauty, talent, and a significant advocacy to the table. While she predominantly immerses herself in the world of music, her passion extends beyond the stage.

Dia has found a harmonious intersection between her musical prowess and volunteer work at Cribs Foundation Inc., where she teaches music to children. As she strikes the chords of both melody and compassion, Dia Mate stands as a testament to the profound impact one can make when talents are blended with a heartfelt commitment to uplifting others.

Kayla Carter | North California

Meet Kayla Carter, the dynamic delegate representing one of the Filipino communities abroad. Hailing from Northern California, with a distinctive Fil-Am flair, she is set to bring nothing short of infectious energy to the stage.

However, it’s not all about the spotlight for Kayla, as she is deeply committed to empowering Filipino youth and is driven by her passion for education. With roots firmly planted, this Cebuana’s limitless spirit is poised to shine brighter than the summers of California and the Philippines.

Stacey Gabriel | Cainta

Straight out of Cainta, Stacey Gabriel makes a striking entrance, capturing hearts with her dedication to three advocacies. In an interview, Stacey shares her hopes to create more compassion in this world through the power of storytelling. “At the core of each of my endeavors is my heart for mental health, prison reform, and climate justice—these causes are my true north,” she said.

In a world grappling with pressing issues, her commitment to these causes showcases her understanding of the urgent need for collective efforts in preserving what matters most and making the world a better place. With her powerful presence and infectious enthusiasm, she is on a mission to inspire and empower.

Victoria Velasquez Vincent | Bacoor

Get ready to be swept off your feet by the one and only Victoria Velasquez Vincent, affectionately known as Triple V! With her boundless commitment to charity, she’s not just here to steal your heart—Miss Bacoor is ready to snatch the coveted crown and spread some compassion in a world that is craving positivity.

Beyond her regal charm, the titleholder for Miss Universe Philippines Charity in 2021 stands as a testament to the power of using our platforms for good, tirelessly working to make a meaningful impact on the lives of others.

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