Miss Iloilo 2024 Is A Queen To Watch Out For

6 Reasons Why Miss Iloilo 2024 Is A Queen To Watch Out For

The next Ilongga representation we need.

Meet Alexie Mae Caimoso Brooks, the 22-year old beauty, brains, and brawn crowned as Miss Iloilo 2024.

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ICYMI, we are slowly entering a new pageant season in the country. And while it still is early days, there are already queens who are giving us major potential. Step into the scene because there’s a new titleholder making waves in Iloilo. On January 13, the crown found its way to the head of the fabulous 22-year-old Filipino-American, Alexie Mae Brooks, as she snagged the title of Miss Iloilo 2024 at the West Visayas State University Cultural Center.

But wait, we’re not just here for her beauty, brains, and brawn— it’s her inspiring backstory that has secured a spot in headlines and in the hearts of many. If you’re imagining photoshoots, dress rehearsals, and beauty rests as part of her preparation, think again. Scroll through these fast facts that prove the reigning Miss Iloilo is worth stanning.

Abanse Babae! 

Alexie Brooks is rewriting the history books, snagging the title of Miss Iloilo 2024 and setting the stage ablaze for an unforgettable journey to Miss Universe. With her historic win, she’s not just representing the City of Love in the national pageant; she’s out there, flaunting the genuine beauty of an Ilongga and embodying the essence of a modern Filipina.

“I want women to move forward. Abanse babae! This is something that comes from my heart. I want to empower women. I want to educate and advocate for women from the past and right now. Women could be so much more. We are capable of so much more,” passionately declared Alexie in response to the final interview.

Holding the coveted crown, as the first of many, goes beyond personal growth and achievement. It’s a symbolic breakthrough, not just for Ilonggas but for all Filipinas worldwide, signaling a future where empowerment and limitless potential take the spotlight.

An Androgynous Beauty

Alexie’s allure transcends conventional beauty norms, as she effortlessly embodies an androgynous charm that blends both masculine and feminine features. A scroll through her Instagram feed reveals an array of styles – from streetwear to runway-ready looks – all served and pulled off by Miss Iloilo 2024.

Speaking of looks, online chatter is buzzing with comparisons as some fans claim that the Ilongga beauty shares a striking resemblance with none other than Zozibini Tunzi, the iconic Miss Universe of 2019.

Advocating for Self-Love

Growing up as a black woman in Iloilo, Alexie spilled the truth about facing racial bullying. In an Instagram post, she opened up about the shade thrown at her natural curly hair – apparently, it got compared to a bird’s nest. The constant criticism took a toll on her confidence, making the dream feel so far-removed from her reality.

But today, Alexie had an epiphany – her unique features are her power, not something to be embarrassed about. Now, she’s gracing billboards, making waves as an inspirational athlete, and strutting her stuff as a model-turned-title holder, gunning for Miss Universe 2024. And that’s not all – she’s on a mission to spread the love.

“So what I want women to know is that they should be proud of what they have and who they are regardless of their appearance and differences in life. For me, it’s always about giving other people the power of influence. Making them feel beautiful, confident, and empowered,” she shared in an interview with ABS-CBN.

She’s A Runner, She’s A Heptathlete

Alexie is a track and field sensation from the Philippines who’s literally running the game. Like, seriously, this girl is a powerhouse. She’s not just burning tracks across the country; she’s making waves on the global scene.

In 2022, she snagged the title of MVP in the UAAP, representing National University like a boss. And guess what? She didn’t stop there. The same year, she rocked the Southeast Asian Games in Vietnam, proving she’s not just a runner; she’s a heptathlete.

Her academic achievements are no less impressive—girl scored scholarships at both the University of Southern California and the University of Texas right after acing Iloilo National High School. But with that, her dream has always been to take the pageant route.

Laking Lola

At the heart of Alexie’s soaring popularity lies a deeply touching narrative that has resonated with Filipinos far and wide. One of the reasons behind her trending status is the series of photos capturing the wholesome moments Miss Iloilo 2024 shared with her grandmother during the coronation night. FYI, she’s a certified laking lola, and it’s low-key the cutest thing.

Born to a Filipina mother working as an overseas worker in Lebanon, the titleholder found an anchor in the unconditional love of her Lola Basing. In a beautiful tribute, Alexie honored her grandmother as she claimed the coveted crown, underscoring the significance of family bonds in shaping the woman she has become today.

‘Grateful beyond words for the support of my incredible team, mentors, sponsors, and the unwavering love from friends, family, and the people of Leon, Iloilo,‘ Alexie said on Instagram.

To Many More…

Alexie’s win as Miss Iloilo 2024 is truly iconic, and we can all agree that Rabiya Mateo must be proud to see another Ilongga setting the stage for an exciting era in the pageant scene. In addition to securing several awards, including Best Cultural Costume, Best in Designers’ Fashion Show, Best Swimsuit, and recognition from sponsors, this Leon, Iloilo native also holds the distinction of being the first black and androgynous beauty to represent the province.

While this is her first coveted crown, Alexie is gearing up for the country’s biggest local pageant, Miss Universe Philippines 2024. Get ready for the ultimate glow-up because Michelle Dee is about to pass on the torch, and we’re here wishing Alexie all the best for that takeover.

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