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Miss Friendship: All The Times Hannah Arnold Was A Supportive Queen

We stan a congenial queen.

While she waits for her time to represent the Philippines and conquer the international stage, Binibining Pilipinas International2021 Hannah Arnold is out here being the best friend, cheering her fellow queens along.

“I am not here to make friends.” This is a notoriously clichéd line carelessly thrown around by focused to a fault contestants on reality TV hoping to, well, win. From Jade on America’s Next Top Model to Lashauwn Beyond on RuPaul’s Drag Race, this trope has inundated viewers so much that catfights or similarly, tea spilled, has been a crutch to make things interesting on anything competition-based. However, as is natural to human conditions, bonds are formed and furthered, dispelling the notion of everyone out to get each other in the name of rivalry. Beyond television, this stubborn stereotype has often been portrayed in the spectacle of beauty pageants where stories of sabotage and ego besmirching the coming together of women. But that is far from the truth because instead, true empowerment and sisterhood emerges from the beauty queens

The competition for the coveted crown is cutthroat, yes, especially so in the recent years where interest on beauty pageants has escalated from unique interest to Olympic-like concern, however, in place of dirty tricks and sartorial scandals are manifestations of sisterhood from the candidates such as lending of dresses, fixing each other’s earrings, and simply being a system of support in such a high-pressure context. With no one but each other to lean on, the ladies turn to the newfound sisterhood for the extra ounce of push to be at their best. And more often than not, they are the loudest (and most consistent) ones cheering from the periphery.

This ascendancy of friendship within and beyond a competition is heartwarming, and is often regarded as an anchor for many in an otherwise tempestuous situation. Sometimes, all you need is a friend, and in a time of women supporting women, these relationships become the true prize of pageantry, just ask Hannah Arnold.

Miss Congeniality

Book lover, advocate of science and quality education, and beauty queen, Binibining Pilipinas International 2021 Hannah Arnold is many things, but most importantly, she is one heck of a friend. Even from the days leading to their coronation last year to now, she has proven to be quite the support system for her sisters. Endearing and elegant, she becomes quite the fiercest of friend, especially when she is needed the most. Whether it be constantly showering messages of love, respect, and admiration (and emojis) on Instagram, fangirling to beauty queens in real life, to staying up late to watch the international competitions of her fellow Binibinis, Hannah Arnold is one to be counted one when it matters the most. Yes, queen.

In the pursuit of perfection in pageantry, it is refreshing to see these women stick up for each other, because as many have voiced out in the past, no one else knows what exactly they’re going through but each other. So, having someone there, in and out of the larger-than-life production is always welcome. And it isn’t just for the mere sake of sisterhood too, because even beyond the competition and as she waits for time to represent the country in Miss International, trust that Hannah Arnold, who now earns the reputation of being on the most supportive queens, will be one to hype another woman up.

And let’s be real, doesn’t it feel good to know that you can’t on someone no matter what? We all need that system of support, for real.

You Go, Girl

More than anything, this is a reminder for all the pomp and circumstance of beauty pageants, at its heart is a celebration of the woman, as well as of the bonds of sisterhood. The crown is one thing, but the friend that you can walk through life with is a prize everyone gets to win. This is glitter, grace, and yes, girl power. (Just ask another advocate of sisterhood, Miss Congeniality herself, Gracie Hart.) And yes, we are almost certain that just like many who have come before her, Hannah Arnold will be there to make friends, too.

Now, with all these in spades, there is a lot more to see from Hannah Arnold, and when she finally sets to conquer the international stage, we know that in that moment, she will have her sisters cheering her on, hopefully, with a crown, of course.

From Binibining Pilipinas to social media, Hannah Arnold is giving us that bestie energy we all need. See all the times she was an absolute sweetheart to her sisters below:

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