Miss Universe Philippines 2021 fun tiktok

She’s Beauty, Grace, And All Sorts Of Fun, Say Hello To The Miss Universe Philippines TikTok Queens

Pageant-obsessed? Nah, more like TikTok-obsessed.

From the pageant stage to TikTok’s For You Page, these Miss Universe Philippines hopefuls are serving and slaying as we wait in high anticipation for coronation night.

Even if you don’t necessarily subscribe to the concept of beauty pageants, it cannot be denied how deeply ingrained it is to Filipino culture. From the barangay to the bigger organizations, the anticipation and energy for such a coming together is unmatched. This couldn’t be more apparent the moment pageant season swings by, which comes with a unique opportunity and responsibility to hopefully represent the country on an international stage. A powerhouse with a sparkling sash factor, a lot is expected from our beauty queens. While the system has slowly inched away from the male gaze and into women empowerment, the perception of perfection is still a standard these queens are subject to from the audience. Lately, however, the aspiration related to pageantry has been closely linked to authenticity, which the Miss Universe Philippines candidates show off through their social media, especially TikTok.


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With the Miss Universe Philippines fever in full effect, fans and even the naysayers are closely watching every update of the national pageant. In the context of the pandemic, this means tracking pre-pageant activities online, which extends beyond the organization lineup to each candidate’s preparations and well, pasabog.

Whether it be realized in fitness, fittings, and fashion, all these slices of pre-coronation life are seen all over social media, feeding the thirst of the audience for anything and everything related to beauty pageant. Now, while official Miss Universe Philippines is all systems go, the pre-pageant activities have yet to be released. So, to tide the fans over, the beauty queens have been serving and slaying in the past few weeks, taking the audience through their journey with a wealth of content on Instagram and TikTok.

Keeping It Real

With beauty, grace, and a whole lot of fun, the queens of Miss Universe Philippines are taking over TikTok one post at a time. This way, the clamor for updates, scoops, and exclusives fulfilled, but we also get to know the candidates. Let’s face it, while we certainly appreciate the poise pomp, and perfection of pageantry, nothing beats seeing the ladies be their true selves. On TikTok, for example, the Miss Universe hopefuls can let their hairspray-glazed hair down, pare down their glamorous makeup to something more natural, and relax their beaming smiles for something more candid and charming.


Lele nyo wala sa cue ?

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On TikTok, we are given a unique glimpse of Miss Universe Philippines unlike ever before. Here, we begin to see who they truly are. Documenting their memories of the pageant, a lot of the candidates are charging their posts with a load of personality that makes them all the more endearing. Whether it be the latest dance challenge, a compilation soundtracked by a viral audio track, or hilarious lip-sync, you will realize that the beauty queens are just like us after all.

While the coronation night is still uncertain as of now, the next best thing is to watch the slew pre-pageant shows the organization is treating the fans to. And if that isn’t enough, hop on over to TikTok and follow the Miss Universe Philippines queens as they take you to the beauty contest and beyond. Scroll through the For You Page and support these girls (double tap those videos, engage), because amid all the pressure just to give the pageant-obsessed a show to remember, they need all the love they can get.


Gym buddies here in MUPh! Kesha gumalaw kaaa!!! Hahaha @janelacuaton

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Not sure where to start? After the jump, we list down some of the Miss Universe Philippines hopefuls you will want to keep an eye out for not just in the pageant itself, but on TikTok as well. 

Ayn Bernos


Here’s to the dreamers courageous enough to dream out loud. ? Day One.

♬ Wildest Dreams – bry

Beatrice Luigi Gomez


Another episode of waiting game ??? ##missuniversephilippines ##MUPh2021 ##CebuCity

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Christelle Abello


living life at ##MissUniversePhilippines ##MUPh2021 ???✨ ##LabanAklan ##foryou ##fyp

♬ Can I – richonm

Janela Cuaton


##PhotoCropChallenge ?

♬ INFERNO – Sub Urban & Bella Poarch

Jasmine Umali


“Cwa-sont”# ##fyp ##foryou ##fypシ

♬ original sound – yourariisource

Katrina Dimaranan


Outfit by Bessie Besana ? Styled by @patrickhenry02 Earrings by Rick Sotelo ? ##katREYNA ##mup2021 ##kehlani

♬ crzy – Aira Casim ?

Kheshapornam Ramachandran


That ‘gotchu always’ person ##holalaligasantander

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Leren Mae Bautista


Hahaha sorry na sa transition at transformation ?

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Maureen Wroblewitz


hi tiktok fam ❤️ it’s been forever!! Credits to Ian Mendajar, the best pasarela trainer ever! Thank you so much for the support! ##muph2021 ##maureyna

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Princess Kristha Singh



♬ Samalamig – DEO ??

Steffi Rose Aberasturi


???##cclex ##cebu ##cebuprovince ##fypシ ##cclexexpressways

♬ Sway With Me Slowed by Saweetie x Galxara – K?