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Put A Ring On It: Miss Argentina and Miss Puerto Rico Just Got Married

Queens of our hearts.

Love wins yet again. Miss Argentina’s Mariana Varela and Miss Puerto Rico’s Fabiola Valentín who both joined Miss Grand International 2020 recently announced that they got married.

Ladies and gentlemen, her and her. Back in 2020, two queens stood before us—Miss Argentina’s Mariana Varela and Miss Puerto Rico’s Fabiola Valentín. They both joined Miss Grand International in hopes of taking home the crown, but little did they know that a major plot twist was just waiting to unfold.

On Instagram very recently, Mariana and Fabiola announced that they’re now married. The two former title-holders revealed that they’ve been secretly seeing each other for two years now. “After choosing to keep our relationship private, we open our doors to a special day,” the caption reads. We then saw clips of their engagement rings, travels, their intimate proposal and the day they tied the knot. Wonder how does it feel like living our dream?

They got hitched at the Marriage Bureau of San Juan, Puerto Rico with Mariana wearing a white blazer dress with fringes and Fabiola in her pristine white suit and slacks.

Who would’ve thought that joining a pageant could also land you a love that only seemed to exist in fairytales? Yesterday, Fabiola posted on her stories a photo of her mug that says “best wife in the world” and said that this is how Mariana wakes her up. Truly a dream.

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