Watch Out, The Mini Miss U Theme Song Is Coming For No. 1 On The Charts

Hello Madlang People Mabuhay!

Imogen did what needed to be done when she sang Mini Miss U.

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One of the more underrated aspects of a pageant is its theme song. Sure, it may not get the most attention, but you can’t deny a bop when it’s a bop. Some tracks go beyond just being a theme song and become a straight banger. And for It’s Showtime’s Mini Miss U pageant, they hit the jackpot with their title track.


Last June, ABS-CBN’s noontime variety show launched its Mini Miss U pageant, and because no pageant is complete without a theme song, Mini Miss U has its own, which was sung by Imogen. And straight up, it’s a bop. Already, the little kids have been one of our favorite parts of It’s Showtime recently, and they’re back again to break the internet once more.

When ABS-CBN asked Imogen to sing the pageant’s theme song, she responded by saying that she wanted to make history, and that’s exactly what she did. Before she entered the booth to record the track, Imogen inhaled three pumps of the mother mist and made a paste from yass leaves and rubbed it behind her ears.

Mini Miss U is unironically a catchy song that will have “Hello Madlang People Mabuhay!” run in your head for days. It captures the fun spirit of the contest with an LSS-inducing chorus, a kind you’d expect from major pageants. And wrapping it all together is a choreography that anyone can do. Wholesome and catchy is a recipe for success for most songs, and that’s exactly what Mini Miss U is doing. It’s no wonder then that the track has taken a life of its own outside of It’s Showtime to become netizens’ next favorite earworm. Take a look at how Mini Miss U has been taking over social media.    



this was hard

♬ MINI MISS U THEME SONG – It’s Showtime

You know you’ve got a cultural hit on your hands when even celebrities and personalities are doing the dance. Even Niana, AC, and BJ couldn’t resist doing the viral dance challenge. Hello madlang people mabuhay? Bars! There really was magic inside that recording booth when they made the song. All we need now is a Mini Miss U dance performance on ASAP featuring AC Bonifacio.


@bini_stacey ending fairy!! dc: Imogen #bini #binistacey #MiniMissU ♬ MINI MISS U THEME SONG – It’s Showtime

If Mini Miss U was released when we were kids, we would have been unstoppable. As BINI’s Stacey demonstrates (with her impeccable ending fairy), Mini Miss U is the pabibo anthem for all the extroverted kids out there who aren’t afraid to be the center of attention. You can bet the spotlight will be on us when this song plays. Watch the next generation of kids grow up to be confident kings and queens.  


@iamnotxena Replying to @Chanty ♬ original sound – Imogen and Kaye Cantong

Mini Miss U’s Annica Co is such a queen. First, she broke social media and warmed netizens’ hearts with her touching conversation with Vice Ganda on accepting others and being a good person. It even got Anne Curtis shedding tears. Now, she’s graduating college and getting that degree. But with her answer on It’s Showtime, we aren’t surprised she’s that advanced. Icon behavior if you ask us.

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