Thank You Lola Amour For Giving Us The Bop Of The Season

It's been raining in Manila, hindi ka ba nilalamig?

Going number one on Spotify? Getting noticed by ENHYPEN’s Jungwon and Jake? Lola Amour’s Raining In Manila did that!

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There are hundreds, if not thousands of new songs released every day that vie for listeners’ attention. Naturally, it can get crowded out there. But there are some songs that not only become hits but break through the noise to fit the moment like they were made for the season. And as if they could see into the future, Lola Amour decided to drop their latest single, Raining In Manila, fittingly enough, at the start of the rainy season last June. Not only did the OPM band give us yet another bop, but they also delivered a song that captured the zeitgeist.


Raining In Manila is a nearly five-minute roller coaster ride that relates to the moody sentiments of the season. The production, instruments, lyrics, and message are just *chef’s kiss* and make for a number that hits in all the right places. The song is both scenario specific and relatable at the same time, which is no wonder that K-pop AU (alternate universe) writers saw their latest edition to their OST. Following its release, the Taglish song became a favorite in AU stories, which got the track attention from a wider audience. Soon, Raining In Manila started climbing up the charts, specifically on Spotify as more people gravitated towards the moody banger.

Lola Amour is no stranger to viral hits. After all, you probably have heard of Fallen on your TikTok FYP once or multiple times last year. But so far, Raining In Manila is becoming the hit of the season with hundreds of thousands of streams a day. The track even topped the Spotify Philippines Top 50 chart, becoming the most streamed song in the country.

Not only was this a first for the band, but it was also a rare feat to do so for an OPM song given competition from global superstars. Also, the most-streamed OPM song in the country right now holds the record for the biggest single day streams for any OPM song on Spotify Philippines history. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough for Lola Amour, the band overthrew Ben&Ben and Zack Tabudlo to become the top OPM band and artist in general on Spotify. Record-breakers fr.


Raining In Manila has even found itself on other shores, particularly in South Korea thanks to ENHYPEN. ICYDK, the group’s members listen to OPM, you may know about Jay’s love for rapper Young Cocoa. So, it wasn’t that much of a surprise to know that a couple of members have been bopping to Lola Amour. During one of Jake’s lives, fans started asking him to listen to Raining In Manila, which he actually did. And even though he didn’t understand the Filipino lyrics, he still enjoyed the track. Soon enough, Jungwon came onboard the train and shared on Weverse to an ENGENE that he also listened to Raining In Manila. All we can say is taste!

With fans asking for English and Korean translations of the song, Lola Amour is getting that international promo, as they should. Considering that the band has been active for over seven years now, Lola Amour is getting that deserved career breakthrough. And even if the sun is shining and the sky is blue, Raining In Manila is still going to hit because it’s a universal bop.  

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