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Mikael Daez Is The Supportive ARMY Husband We Need In Our Lives

Mikael "Supportive Husband" Daez

May we all find that partner who supports our fangirling or fanboying the way Mikael Daez supports Megan Young.

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Not only is Megan Young an actress, model, and a former Miss World, but she also is an out-and-proud ARMY. She doesn’t shy away from showing her love for BTS. But while this unapologetic stanning might be uncomfortable for some, that isn’t the case with Mikael Daez. He isn’t the type of partner that asks Megan to tone it down. Instead, he actively supports her in her fangirl lifestyle like the dream husband that he is. He’s so supportive that he is slowly becoming an ARMY, too. It’s a kind of relationship we hope we could all have. Here are just a few times when Mikael had us wishing for that supportive partner in our ARMY lives.



When your army wife cant go to the BTS concert, bring the concert to her 🫰🏽💜😂

♬ MIC Drop (feat. Desiigner) [Steve Aoki Remix] – BTS

Like many ARMY, Megan wasn’t able to secure a ticket to BTS’ concert in Busan last October 2022. She resorted to watching it on Weverse. So, Mikael made sure that Megan had a great time and brought the concert experience to their home with a personal lights show. Sana all.


@madambonez Nalilito na talaga ako guys @Mikael Daez ♬ Moon – BTS

Imagine being married to someone who looks like your bias. Megan Young, you are a lucky woman. He’s even wearing the same pajamas as Jin.


@beefbelly Hindi ko na matanggap ang pagiging army ni Bonez. Mukhang may napili na talaga siyang iba…
…at dahil dyan, pumili na rin ako ng iba kagaya niya!! 😀 😀 😀 hindi na ako pwedeng maging asawa ng army lang. level up na! hahaha. #JinVSSuga
But in all fairness, I can’t wait to take bonez to a BTS concert. I think it’s going to be super fun. She supports me in all my computer building endeavors, so i’m happily supporting her army vibes 😀 lezzgo!!! #AprubBaSaBiasKo? @madambonez ♬ original sound – Mikael Daez

Mikael’s bias is Suga? Great choice. We just love how he’s so encouraging of Megan and her ARMY life since she’s so supportive of him in his PC-building endeavors. He even wrote in the caption that he one day hopes to take her to a BTS concert. That’s a healthy relationship right there.  


@madambonez Kilala mo pala lahat ha @Mikael Daez ♬ original sound – Megan Young

Spend enough time with an ARMY, and you’ll soon be familiar with BTS. Sure, Mikael may have forgotten J-Hope, but 6/7 isn’t bad. Impressively, he even mentioned some of the unique aspects of the members such as RM’s love of art and Jin serving in the military.


@beefbelly Nakateleport ako sa harap ng pila! #AsawaNgArmyFTW@Megan Young ♬ original sound – Mikael Daez

Mikael was truly blessed when Jungkook said Fofo, which also so happens to be Megan’s term of endearment for her husband. Jungkook’s line suddenly got shorter.


@beefbelly Asawa ng army ftw 😎 @Megan Young ♬ Permission to Dance (Instrumental) – BTS

That fact that the Jin-biased in the relationship wasn’t able to guess his photo, Mikael is indeed learning.


@beefbelly Sino ang guilty dito?! Magpakita na kayo 😂🤪🫰🏽@Megan Young ♬ Tokyo Drift – Xavier Wulf

When that new merch drops, you have no choice but to support your partner in their splurges.



Applying for a new job hahahahaha

♬ Our Island (Prod. SUGA of BTS) – Original Soundtrack – BTS Island: In the SEOM

This video is made even better by the fact that Mikael was the one who shot and directed it. Megan, how does it feel to live our dream?

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