Maymay Entrata Is Really That Pop Star In ‘Puede Ba’

That's mother right there.

Serving a catchy banger and multiple looks? Maymay Entrata is really in her pop star era with Puede Ba, and we’re here for it.

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Maymay Entrata is a talented woman, no doubt about it. Ever since we saw her in PBB, Maymay already demonstrated her charm, authenticity, and potential to make it big. As her star continues to rise, whether it be through her acting roles or front page news making runway walks, she really is proving to be that girl.But one thing we weren’t expecting was how Maymay would soon go even bigger in her pop star era.

While she’s no stranger to making music, it was only in the past year that we’ve seen Maymay begin to embrace her status as the next pop girl on the scene. 2021’s AMAKABOGERA clued us in that she was ready to shed her sweet girl image for a fierce queen. And with her return to music with Puede Ba, Maymay has grown to become one of our new favorite pop girls. Talk about evolution.


Channeling the same boss energy of AMAKABOGERA, Puede Ba sees Maymay team up with Viktoria and frequent collaborator Rox Santos to deliver a powerful offering. The track is actually a modern remake of the same song from Viktoria from 1999. This is why she’s featured on the track and snippets of the OG music video are in Maymay’s version. Not only is Maymay’s take a bop, but it’s also a Y2K revival. Queen behavior. Maymay demonstrates power belts in the chorus and whispers all in one go through festive and catchy beats. In essence, the track is a love song about Maymay wanting to spend more time with someone that caught her eye.

But while it may read as a question, the way Maymay sings it like she’s requesting the guy to do it, because of how confident she sounds. There’s a power to her voice that complements the track. The addition of the strings is a nice touch as well and gives it a unique flavor.

Helping to bring this track to life is an accompanying music video directed by Ken Tan and produced by Chapters PH. And while it may be simple, it is elevated.

For starters, Maymay serves not one, but three different looks. The opening ruffles look is stunning, and she definitely is wearing it and not the other way around. The red fringe bodysuit with the purple bob cut and denim boots, meanwhile, screams pop star performing at the VMAs. Our favorite, though, has to be her final look, the gorgeous gold corset with matching boots and gloves.

All the while, Maymay is demonstrating her dance skills such as the memorable mimicking of the violin strings. Her charisma and confidence were at a 10. The director said, “okay, great,” but Maymay heard, ”ate” and just went with it.

All things considered, we can’t wait to see what else the emerging pop star has in store for us.

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