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Maris Racal Just Wore This Sultry Top In New York And We Are Living

We aspire to be like Miss Maris.

Maris Racal is the gift that keeps on giving. From her ukay-ukay dress to ultra sheer real quick!

On another episode of Keeping Up With Maris Racal, she proves yet again that she is indeed, the moment. Stopping by the Big Apple for the first leg of their Star Magic US tour, of course she was prepared with bomb outfits. Have you seen the sundress she wore that’s apparently sourced from ukay-ukay? Well, you haven’t seen nothing yet cause she just channeled Bella Hadid’s MTV VMAs 2020 outfit in her recent OOTD.

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Maris strolled the streets of New York in nothing but a bra, a sheer top, and slacks. How’s that for a summer fit? Similar to Bella Hadid’s look, her version is more covered as the supermodel’s was see-through all over. Just Maris showing the conservative girlies like us how to re-create revealing looks that aren’t easy to pull off. We honestly can’t wait to see the rest of Maris Racal’s outfits, especially when they head to San Francisco and LA. For now, NYC Maris lives in our head rent-free.

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