Make The Most Of Your London Trip With These 6 Bucket List Items That Are Actually Worth It

Make The Most Of Your London Trip With These 6 Bucket List Items That Are Actually Worth It

In the wise words of Joey Tribbiani, "London, baby!"

Is your next travel destination the UK? Would you like it to be? Either way, satiate your inner travel bug with some of the most worth it things to do in London below.

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The capital of England is a modern, busy city with a lot of history that offers plenty of things to see and do. London’s a hugely popular tourist destination—and for good reason. However, it’s also pretty expensive. Of course, it’s still valid to hit all the sights like the Big Ben (which is actually the bell and not the tower), the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, and the Tower of London on your trip (although some people actually think they’re okay to skip). But if you’re considering more things to do that can help you make the most of your travels, we’ve got you.

These destinations and activities are perfect for solo travelers, as well as those traveling with friends, partners, or family. They’re also a pretty standard mix of classically touristy (because there’s a reason they’re popular) and not too niche that you would be apprehensive about enjoying yourself. So, if you want your money’s worth, check out these destinations and activities that’ll your trip memorable. Less guided tours, more exploring on your own. Check them out below!


london trip travel uk england victoria and albert museum

victoria & albert museum

In a city where things cost a lot more than they do here, it’s a relief to know that most of the museums you may be interested in exploring are free of charge. From the British Museum to the Natural History Museum, you can have your fill of artifacts and exhibits, new and old, and you only have to spend on transport. Now, even if several of the artifacts and collections are contested (ahem, they were stolen) there is always value in learning history—in all its gore and glory—through material artifacts.


london trip travel uk england camden market

inverness market, camden town

From being a small arts fair to becoming one of the most bustling, colorful, and busy areas in London, Camden Market in the historic Camden Town is worth checking out—just ask Taylor Swift! Made up of several markets, dozens upon dozens of brick-and-mortar shops, storefronts, brands, Camden attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists on the regular. Whether you’re into shopping or food-tripping, collecting one-of-a-kind vintage pieces or indulging in some history, playing some games or even riding a mini rollercoaster, Camden is a feast for all the senses.


london trip travel uk england portobello market

a vintage shop in portobello market

Speaking of shopping, almost every street you walk down in London is lined with boutiques, souvenir shops, charity shops, antique shops, and more, from high-end brands to local artisans. You don’t need to spend all your pounds in these stores, though!

london trip travel uk england notting hill

a storefront in notting hill

Sometimes, just looking around and spotting cool bric-a-brac is enough. For some surefire window shopping goodness—wherein you can maybe get yourself a little treat or two to take home—head on over to Camden Market, Kensington Church Street, Oxford Street, the famed Picadilly Circus, and Portobello Market in Notting Hill (yes, that one).


london trip travel uk england west end hadestown musical

Hadestown, now on the West End

London’s West End, alight with billboards and theaters, boast some of the biggest shows in the world. Though a common tourist activity, the experience is worth it if you’re willing to shell out for it—especially if you anticipate enjoying the play or musical’s story, music, or performances. If you love theater or just fancy ticking a West End play off your bucket list, this one’s for you. But generally, the productions, performances, and even just the vibe and historical significance of the area, will make taking a trip to the West End a great way to spend a a few hours.


london trip travel uk england cotswolds

snowshill, a tiny cotswolds village

Though it costs more than the rest of the items on this list, and is actually not set in London, visiting the English countryside is one of the most worthwhile things to do on a trip to England. From London, you can go to Stratford-Upon-Avon and the Cotswolds, a huge area of England that’s remarkably ancient, pleasantly unique, and impossibly picturesque.


london trip travel uk england gardens

Russell Square

Did you know that London is technically a forest? The city is rife with green spaces, from the massive Royal Parks like Hyde Park to the smaller open spaces like in the borough of Ealing, to the ancient woodland of Epping Forest.

Gardens and parks are spread far and wide across London, and you’re sure to come across one. Despite the grey and dreary weather that constantly blankets England, a stroll, picnic, or any activity done in the parks or gardens can serve to remind us how much we need nature to thrive. Though of course still not the healthiest or most sustainable (in many senses of the word) city in the world, London’s unique blend of greenery and bustling city life is worth traversing.

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