Life Goals: These Local Celebrities Are Currently Building Their Dream Homes

Life Goals: These Gen Z Stars Are Currently Building Their Dream Homes

Young, famous, and a homeowner.

Buying a house? In this economy? These young celebrities said yes to that with their dream homes currently on the way.

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When it comes to the list of goals people want to achieve in their lives, getting to build or buy their very own house sits at the top of many a list. To be able to call yourself a homeowner is a true achievement. It signals that you’ve reached a point in your life where you’re financially stable enough to afford your very own house. That is something these following celebs can attest to. Thanks to years of hard work in the industry, these stars were able to save enough money to achieve the ultimate goal, their own home. Check out the following personalities who are currently in the process of making that dream a reality.


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At just 24-years-old, Donny Pangilinan has achieved something that not many people of his age can say, he’s a proud homeowner. No stranger when it comes to houses, he has his own place and even renovated a portion of his family home. But the A-list actor went to the next level when he revealed on Instagram that his dream crib, which he fondly calls Casa Donato, is currently under construction. Once it eventually opens, fingers crossed he’s going to do a house tour for his YouTube channel.


If there’s one word to describe this moment, it’s dasurv. The past few years has seen Belle’s career skyrocket following mainly being on the sidelines of the spotlight. And all her hard work paid off now that she recently broke ground on her dream home. “Still pinching myself! Dreams really do come true!” shared an understandable excited Belle on Instagram. Needless to say, the fruits of her labor are bountiful. Project owner Belinda A. Mariano? We know that’s right!


For anyone who watches the vlogs of Ranz, Niana, or anyone from the Guerrero family, you would know that their family home is the backdrop of many of their adventures. But be prepared to say goodbye to their old home as the Guerrero family is set to move to their dream house soon. In June 2021, Ranz, Niana, and the rest of their family broke ground for their new home at their family lot in Antipolo, Rizal. Their new house’s construction has been delayed for a few years now so this has definitely been a long time coming.


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As one of Philippine entertainment’s biggest stars, Kathryn Bernardo has achieved a lot in her career and life. But probably one of her biggest achievements was when she finally was able to begin the construction of her new home in Antipolo. Kathryn first bought the land in 2016 as the home serves as her gift to her parents, Min and Teddy. Given Kath’s noted design tastes, we have no doubt her new house will be an aesthetic haven.


To be able to buy your parents their very own home is the goal for many. That’s also a wish Francine Diaz can proudly say she has achieved. Thanks to her numerous successful acting roles, the Gen Z star was able to buy her family a house and car. But the life goals don’t stop there though as Francine already has her sights set on buying a second home. In an interview with Karen Davilla earlier this year, Francine revealed that she’s currently saving up to buy a bigger home for her family. “Siguro [‘yung pangarap ko] bigger na house pa kasi this one parang marami kami tapos lumalaki pa ‘yung mga bata.” A talented actress and a loving daughter, we love to see it.


One key to financial success is to plan and invest your money wisely. Proper investments can lead to major payoffs in the end such as is the case with Barbie Forteza. The Maria Clara at Ibarra star thought long term about her money and now, she’s in the beginning stages of getting her dream home built. Dear self, I am so proud of you. Keep doing what you’re doing and don’t forget to have fun while you’re at it,” wrote Barbie in the caption.


@mybujingjing Jah and his fam site visit on their soon-to-be new home. © @archt_hd Instagram #SB19_JUSTIN #SB19 #SB19Justin #atin #JahDeDios #fyp ♬ original sound – Bujing

SB19’s story is one of rags to riches. While the group was initially seen as a joke, they have now become the biggest P-pop group in the country that is slowly cementing their status across the world. And thanks to their success, the boys have been able to appreciate the finer things in life, such as Justin whose new family home is currently under construction. It’s a deserved achievement with how hard he was worked alongside the rest of SB19.


Ever since we first got to know Ryzza Mae Dizon on Eat Bulaga, the former child star turned teen star has continuously worked her way to achieve her goal of building a home for her family. And after nearly a decade in the industry, Ryzza saw the fruits of her labor as she was able to commence the construction of her dream home at the end of 2021. She’s definitely gone a long way from that energetic first we first saw.

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