donny pangilinan bachelor pad

We Spotted This Sweet Detail In Donny Pangilinan’s Bachelor Pad

*Goggles how to be a teddy bear"

It’s no secret that Donny Pangilinan loves his fans. And if you need further proof, just take a look at what he included in his home.

Ever since Donny Pangilinan joined the showbiz industry in the late 2010s, the young star became a near instant teen sensation. He became one of the hottest new stars to watch out for and today, Donny stands as one of the most in-demand young actors of his generation. A major component to Donny’s success is the love of his fans.

Donny’s fans are a dedicated group of people who work tirelessly to support him in all his endeavors. And Donny, being the gentleman that he is, reciprocates that love back. He has expressed his appreciation for the love and support he receives. He even goes out of his way to give back to his fans. And that love was further solidified when we spotted this heartwarming detail in Donny’s new home.


In Karen Davila’s recent vlog, the veteran journalist visited Donny’s home for an interview and a house visit. According to the young star, he chose to live on his own because he wanted a bigger space compared to the condo he already had. Donny loves the outdoors so he chose a place where he felt less restricted.


The duo toured his new home and Karen became curious why he had a giant stuffed teddy bear in his living room. He revealed that a lot of his fans like to give him gifts and the teddy bear was one of the recent one. He felt that it was “cute” to place it in the living room. Donny then went on to say that he really uses and keeps the gifts the fans give him. Despite how big Donny has become in just the past couple of years, it warms the heart to know that he keeps sentimental items like this. Our minds are already running as other fan gifts Donny has kept in his home.

Other interesting details we spotted in his home include a shelf with some of his awards, some of which were voted by the fans. He also has the complete set of He’s Into Her books, a LEGO figurine of a Stormtrooper’s helmet he assembled himself, and a signed jersey from Stephen Curry that he won in an auction years ago.


Of course, you can’t talk about Donny Pangilinan these days without mentioning Belle Mariano and his uber popular love team DonBelle. He shared that two first met in 2018 and even played Mobile Legends together. Though nothing much came from that. Karen then asked Donny the golden question, “Kayo ba talaga ni Belle?”

While Donny was understandably tight lipped about it, he did say that he and Belle have a great relationship. “Belle and I are in a happy place right now.” When asked what he liked about Belle, Donny revealed that he likes how Belle goes about her life and doesn’t care about what other people say. He also revealed that he talked to Belle about the criticisms she has faced, telling her that “Those voices don’t matter.”

Another eye opening moment from the interview was when Donny opened up more on his faith and how that shapes his life. If you’ve been a fan of Donny for a while, you know that his spirituality is an important part of his character. It’s clear that he has a strong faith in God and that has helped him remain humble and guided him on his journey. He even tithes, which means giving 10% of your income to the church. He explained that it was his way of giving back and that 10% doesn’t mean much in the end.

The rest of the vlog is filled with interesting tidbits from his relationship with his family, to his beginnings of his career, Donny’s style of courting, his soon-to-be built beach house, a look at his unfinished shoe room, and more. It’s a great watch for any Donny Pangilinan fan and those who are curious about the young star. Watch the vlog below.

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