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Belle Mariano Says She Can’t See Herself Being Paired With Anyone Else

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Belle reveals that Donny’s the only one she can see herself be paired with.

After one of their biggest years that took the world by storm, Belle Mariano, 1/2 of the love team DonBelle with Donny Pangilinan, is ready to step out of her comfort zone. It surely feels like a whirlwind, especially with their fan base becoming even bigger, but she’s always been a talented actress, one who deserves every bit of that spotlight, and now, there is a whole lot for her to conquer. So, when Belle starred in a solo role for the digital series Click, Like, Share, some fans were saddened with Donny’s absence. But not to worry, beause Belle shared in the press conference for season three how she *really feels* about not being with her co-star this time around.

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“Of course nasanay ako ’cause several projects I’ve done with him,” says Belle. It will always feel different when you work with new people, but she’s grateful for the opportunity to work with actors like Shanaia Gomez and Nikki Valdez. This is how she knows she’ll learn more about honing her craft. On Donny, Belle says that they’re both supportive of one another.

When asked about the success of DonBelle, she only had one thing to say: “Right now, I can’t see myself being paired up with anyone else.” It was one hit after another ever since they paired up in He’s Into Her and the movie Love Is Colorblind, so it makes sense that Belle would feel comfortable working with Donny. Well, we can’t wait to see the both of them spreading their wings even more in their solo careers. Now who’s excited for Click, Like, Share season three? Catch it on the iWanTFC app and their website.

You can watch a snippet of Belle Mariano’s interview below:

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