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KD Estrada And Alexa Ilacad Are Pure Kilig In The ‘Days’ Music Video

Smiling the whole time while watching the mv.

We have a hunch Alexa Ilacad and KD Estrada didn’t have to pretend hard to be in love for the Days music video.

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Following a breakthrough year in 2022, KD Estrada and Alexa Ilacad are set to continue the immense hype they’ve built as one of Gen Z’s favorite love teams. Already on the docket for KDLex is a stint as part of the cast of the musical Walang Aray set to begin in February. Alexa is set to appear in a handful of shows for 2023. And let’s not forget KDLex’s trending performances on ASAP that will get even better now that the variety show has a brand new stage to perform on.

But already this January, the love team decided to treat their fans with a special project with the long-awaited release of KD Estrada’s Days music video starring none other than him and Alexa. And let’s just say the simple yet sweet video is giving us all the feels.


Last November 2022, KD made his return to releasing solo music when he dropped his latest single Days. The song, which was written solely by him, is quintessential KD Estrada with nothing but a guitar backing his charming vocals. Days plays out like a modern-day harana, with KD sharing his admiration and love for that special someone who just makes his days better. “You’re the only girl I want in my life/ Every passing day with you feels alright/ You’re an angel who flew down from above/ I’m so lucky I call you my love,” he croons during the chorus.

It’s chill and laid-back, but hits in all the right spots with its sweet melody. And as expected, that’s the vibe we get from the track’s official music video starring KDLex. Given how Alexa served as a major inspiration for the track, her inclusion just felt correct.


The Carl Tejada-directed music video finds KD and Alexa dressed in white, beige, and pastels as they enjoy a day together in the province. In the video, we see sweeping shots of KD playing his guitar in a grass field mixed with clips of him and Alexa having special moments together. The duo doesn’t do much in the mv; there’s no dance number, lights show, or elaborate costumes. But that works in its favor. Its simple premise of two people in love with one another fits the vibe of Days. The music video is as chill as the song and looks like what a harm hug feels like.

Given the sweet words KD and Alexa have exchanged over the past year, we have a feeling the love team didn’t need that much convincing to channel that chemistry and kilig on screen. Low-key we felt like we were watching a KDLex date vlog instead of a music video, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The way they would look at each other, the happiness was practically jumping off the screen. If you’re looking for a new OPM love song to add to your playlist, give KD’s track a try, because it has that kind of love that will last more than just days.

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