Dancer Kathryn Bernardo Owns The Dance Floor

8 Times Kathryn Bernardo Totally Slayed The Dance Floor

Dancer Kath always slays.

Kathryn Bernardo always shows up and shows out when in the spotlight, and here are some of the moments where she totally ate up the dance floor.

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More than just a lauded actress and one of the biggest stars of this generation, Kathryn Bernardo shows that she can get down on the dance floor and serve main dancer energy. From her viral Water performance to ASAP Natin ‘To performances over the years, the star proves that her talents transcend from screen to stage.

Kathryn clearly enjoys dancing, too, having danced in studios and collaborated with members of dance troupe GForce multiple times over the years, and many of them consider her a friend, as well. She can hold her own when performing fast-paced and edgy choreography as well as ethereal, alluring ones. Back in 2018, GForce member Ritz Charles Beltran already commended her focus and improvement, and believed in her all the way. Beltran eventually became Kathryn’s choreographer-in-charge for the Water performance that brought to even wider attention Kathryn’s dance prowess. In recognition of said prowess, we’ve collected a few moments below that demonstrate just how she ate up the dance floor.


@thisisntleii kathryn bernardo in her solo era. 🔥 #fyppppp #kathrynbernardo #waterdancechallenge ♬ Water – Tyla

For the ABS-CBN Christmas Special 2023, Kathryn gifted everyone a performance of Tyla’s viral hit Water that was both passionate and electric, complete with an epic mermaid-out-of-water outfit and long orange hair. She nailed the performance, if the resounding screams didn’t tell you enough.


@abscbn You made us lose our breath, Queen Kath! 💦🥵 Watch the exclusive clips from Asia’s Superstar #KathrynBernardo’s Water rehearsal. #ABSCBNChristmasSpecial2023 #ForeverGratefulChristmasSpecial #Kapamilya #ABSCBN #fyp ♬ original sound – ABS-CBN

Even when just casually rehearsing, Kathryn’s vibe is unmatched. You can clearly sense her focus and commitment to doing a great job while still dancing as if it was effortless—and a great job she did, as she stole everyone’s breath away during the actual performance.


The stage isn’t the only place to show off moves. Even at dance studios, where Kathryn finds herself learning and performing choreo, she gives it her all and dances her heart out.


Kath-iana Grande celebrated turning 23 with a performance of 7 Rings, an intense showcase of girlbossery and what everyone needs to be doing on their birthday—having fun. Comparing this dance number to her Water performance, and you can clearly see how far she’s come and how well she’s grown into a confident, accomplished young woman.


The ASAP stage has blessed us plenty of times with Dancer Kath moments. Cool, collected, and confident, her performance set to Selena Gomez’s Rare was a fun stage that felt like you were just having a dance party with your favorite girl friends. Hopefully Dancer Kath wouldn’t be a “rare” occurrence and we see her moving and grooving more frequently.


Someone call the fire department, because Kathryn set the stage on fire with her effortlessly-sensual performance of Señorita. With her long hair, patterned outfit, and her piercing looks, the young artist’s number was hot, hot, hot.


@sjy.pjs Kathryn’s “Made You Look” dance performance 🔥😍 #kathrynbernardo #fypシ #foryoupage #fyp ♬ Made You Look – Meghan Trainor

Kathryn, of course, is a great singer as well, with a whole self-titled album released back in 2014 and a few single tracks. So, it’s no surprise that the multi-hyphenate would eat a performance where she both sings and dances—and she’s done plenty. This Made You Look number is an example of her ability to command a stage and get all eyes on her.


This So You Think You Can Dance/Dancing With The Stars-worthy performance was artistic and elegant, showing a different side to Dancer Kathryn that wasn’t seen before. Her contemporary dance to Moira Dela Torre and Jason Marvin’s romantic duet Ikaw at Ako is soaring and dramatic, a perfect blend of her acting and dancing prowess.

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