5 Times Kathryn Bernardo And Dolly de Leon Were The Dynamic Duo Of Our Dreams

They're murderers, 'cause they're killing it.

The duo of Kathryn Bernardo and Dolly de Leon is the gift that keeps on giving.

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It honestly feels like it was just yesterday that we first learned that Kathryn Bernardo’s co-star in her highly-anticipated movie comeback would be Dolly de Leon. Months later, A Very Good Girl is out in cinemas, and with that, we get to see the magic these two titans make together. When people say that these mothers are mothering, they mean it as Kathryn and Dolly have displayed an electric chemistry, mutual respect, and a beautiful friendship that’s seen on and off screen.

This acting duo was the gift we never knew we needed, and we’re more than grateful. Not only did they give us a bomb film, but also a tandem we’d love to see more of in the future. Scroll down for some of our favorite Kathryn and Dolly moments. 


When you’re #unbothered like Kathryn Bernardo and Dolly de Leon, dealing with haters can almost seem like playtime. Such was the case when we were treated to nearly twenty minutes of the duo reacting to hate comments. While the whole video is worth watching, our favorite moment goes to when Dolly offered Kath a hit of her vape pen. IYKYK.  


While the lie detector went off throughout the entire video, we have a feeling Kathryn and Dolly were both telling the truth. Not only did we get a peek into the mutual admiration these two have for each other, but we also got to see them in a more relaxed setting as they had fun, spilled some tea, and let loose a few profanities. 


It’s clear to see that Kathryn and Dolly developed a bond throughout this project. These two good girls have nothing but love and respect for each other in a moment that means so much to them. It’s a feeling that Dolly de Leon put into words in a heartwarming Instagram post right before the movie’s premiere. “My very good girl, we’re about to reach the finish line of this insane journey and the sepanx is slowly creeping in so before our film hits the world.” 

She then goes on to thank Kath for being so supportive during the entire journey together. “[L]et me thank you for being there for me, always looking out for me, supporting me in my other projects (a little birdie told me about the block screening of Iti – ikaw talagaaaa), for being inclusive and making me feel comfortable in situations I’m not used to, for making me laugh and for just being your crazy little you. Many things are good and great about our film but you were the best “surprise!” of them all.” Understandably, Kathryn, along with many others, took to the comments to express how touched they were by the gesture. 


@bernardokath The (un)mothering continues, brahhh 💁🏽‍♀️ #AVeryGoodGirl ♬ original sound – Kath Bernardo

This new chapter for Kathryn Bernardo brought a lot of exciting developments, such as the superstar launching her own TikTok account. And as you can expect, she and Dolly de Leon made sure to show the girlies how it’s done with their take on TikTok trends. We believe they call this a motherquake.


If you’ve seen A Very Good Girl (no spoilers here), then you’d know that the costumes were costuming in the movie with the many looks Kathryn and Dolly gave in the film. Even during the promotional tour, the two would not miss on their ‘fits as they gave us joint slay after joint slay. Two talented and fashionable besties? We know that’s right.  

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