Sarah Geronimo’s Water Cover Was So Good, Even Tyla Had To Stan

Co-signed by the original.

Sarah Geronimo has been killing the stage for well over two decades now. So, it’s no surprise Tyla had to give her props with her cover of Water.

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Unless you’ve been on a social media cleanse, you’d know South African musician Tyla has been dominating the charts and trends list with her hit track Water. Released at the tail end of July this year, Water quickly took over people’s playlists as a catchy and sultry number that could turn water into steam. And aiding the song’s success is a viral dance challenge that tests how well you really can move your body.

As we’ve seen time and time again, a bop + a trendy dance challenge = a global hit, and that includes the Philippines. Not only is the track popular in the country, but quite a few local stars have done the dance. Just recently, Sarah Geronimo was the latest local celeb to take on the song, and not only did she devour it, but it even caught the attention of Tyla herself. 


With its vibrant sound and sultry choreography, Water made for a perfect track for Sarah Geronimo to perform. Even a cursory look at Sarah G’s performances shows that she bodies fiery anthems. There’s just something so special about seeing the pop star perform hit songs like it’s her own. And to the delight of many fans, Sarah treated us to a performance of Water. During the December 17 episode of ASAP Natin ‘to, the pop icon dedicated her Sarah G Specials segment to a cover of the track. 

As you can imagine, Sarah ate that and looked stunning doing so in her lavender outfit. From voice, visuals, and those moves, Sarah G gave the track justice. Her ASAP performance soon landed on Tyla’s radar as she co-signed the cover and marveled at how her track was being performed with full production. “It’s so crazy seeing people perform my song with huge productions, costumes, choreo etc etc… what the heck,” she wrote on X (formerly Twitter). 

Sarah Geronimo isn’t the only Filipino celeb to have covered the song. Recently, Kathryn Bernardo broke the internet with her Water performance at the 2023 ABS-CBN Christmas Special. But the fact that Tyla also hyped Sarah’s stage, just Sarah G things. Can you imagine if Sarah and Tyla would collaborate? It might just open a portal to another timeline with how iconic that will be. 

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