JYP Entertainment’s New Girl Group, NMIXX, Finally Makes Their Debut With O.O

There's a new K-pop girl group to stan.

After much anticipation, JYP Entertainment’s new girl group NMIXX is finally unleashed to the world and they start things off with the interesting O.O.

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Wonder Girls, TWICE, ITZY, and now NMIXX. Say what you want about JYP Entertainment, but the company knows how to produce iconic girl groups. For those who haven’t been in the loop, NMIXX, who originally went by JYPn, has been anticipated by many fans for more than a year now. Back in 2021, JYP released a blind package where fans had a small window to buy their upcoming album despite not knowing anything about the group. Though that didn’t stop tens of thousands from securing a copy. Rumors and teases have followed this group for a while now, which only added to the mystery and hype. It also helps that the members the group is composed off trainees are famous in their own right.

Arguably the most popular during pre-debut is Lily M. She is seen by some as a legendary trainee for first appearing in K-pop Star, working with Stray Kids, and training for years under JYP. Then we have Haewon and Sullyoon who have been noticed by fans and observers for their talents. Jinni already experienced a bit of virality when she was called the pink pants girl during her dance cover of Press by Cardi B. BAE has been noted for her singing skills while Jiwoo and Kyujin, the maknae of the group, have already made fans thanks to their performance abilities. The talent was there. And after a series of teasers and covers, NMIXX is finally a reality as they make their official debut with O.O and single album Ad Mare. And let’s just say it’s definitely a head turning debut.


For their debut, NMIXX (pronounced as N-Mix) gives us O.O. It starts of with a buildup before hitting you straight with a hard-hitting pop and EDM opener and chorus. But if you think that’s how the rest of the song goes, it surprises by transitioning to this pop-rock middle section that’s a bit more lighthearted than the rest of the song. O.O then zags once more by returning to the pop/EDM vibe for it’s final chorus. In a sense, it reminds of Girl’s Generation’s I Got A Boy or aespa’s Next Level with how it mixes things up halfway through the song.

It makes for an interesting listen that may require a few more repeat listens to fully grasp. Not your average K-pop song to say the least. Because of the song’s different approach and transitions, O.O may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But at least it showed the NMIXX is open to experimenting. The track itself is quite symbolic of where the girls hope they will go with their career as they sing about aiming for their dreams and going straight forward towards their goals.

Even though this is their debut, JYP Ent did not skimp out on the budget. The looks, set design, special effects, and camera work were all on point. No stone was left unturned to make sure the production screamed quality. It’s a gorgeous music video. And let’s not forget how they already got Coca Cola as a paid sponsor in their debut music video. (Secure those brand deals girls.) As stated before, along with the release of O.O is their debut single album Ad Mare. It contains one additional song called TANK, as well as the instrumentals for both tracks. And just like with O.O, TANK features unique production, especially when it reaches its chorus.


This marks JYP Ent’s second group to debut this year following Xdinary Heroes in January. So, you could say the next generation of K-pop groups from JYP is slowly upon us. With a legacy that includes legends like TWICE and ITZY, NMIXX has a lot to live up to. And hopefully as the months and years go by, the group will have more opportunities to show off what they got. For their first time out, NMIXX delivers a debut that should get you talking, how exactly will be up to you.

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