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Justin De Dios’ Solo Debut Was A True Family Affair

We love to see it. 

Aside from his creative talents and artistry, Justin also had help from close friends and family who brought the surreal vision to life. 

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More than a singer, dancer, and P-pop idol, Justin De Dios is a rising creative visionary whose imagination is seen all over SB19 and his solo endeavors, and most recently, his highly-anticipated solo debut. Taking heavy inspiration from nature, which Justin says was based from his love of nature since he was a kid, his solo debut delivers a cottagecore vibe. His track, surreal, feels very much like a dream plucked straight from Justin’s fantasy. 


surreal, which was initially written two years ago, is a lighthearted and wholesome jam that reflects the beauty of meaningful coincidences and dreams and how the impossible becomes a reality. The lyrics Justin penned convey the vulnerability of a young man, while the visuals send the viewer on a calming and chill trip through different environments. “It’s all these scenarios that are unlikely to happen in the real world, but you find them as an escape from reality, so you continue to dream and dream… And surprisingly, you found someone who enjoys imagination as much as you do,” says the P-pop star. 

From the logo of the boot with the plant sprouting out, the teaser videos, the song, the music video, and more, Justin’s creative essence is felt throughout his solo debut. But the Gen Z dreamsmith wasn’t alone in seeing this moment come together. Behind the scenes was a collection of friends and colleagues who worked together to bring it to life, showcasing the power of collaboration in artistic expression. Scroll down for the people who had a hand in Justin’s surreal solo era. 


The music of Radkidz’s, which is composed of SB19’s Pablo and his brother Josue, isn’t known to be exactly chill or laid back. This is why it’s a pleasant surprise to see that the duo produced surreal. They were instrumental in ensuring that Justin’s vision was carefully brought to life with subtlety and warmth while capturing the most exciting place the production could go. According to Justin, he spent one day in their studio recording the vocals, and they sent back the demo in just one week. 


“At first, when I wrote the lyrics with an initial melody, I thought they’d just tweak it,” shares Justin. “But the beautiful track they did, rich in harmonies and embellishment, sounds so fresh and new to my ears that I somehow forgot I wrote it in the first place. Both of them really enhanced my demo with a song that exceeded my expectations.” Also, in a nice touch, Pablo was at the launch of Justin’s new single and was seen at the tech booth making sure Justin’s audio and video were smooth.  



In the latter half of surreal, you can hear a female voice join Justin’s, which turns the track into something of a soothing duet. ICYDK, that voice is Gelou of the P-pop girl group YARA. The summery but easy-going number features her vocals on the bridge and the last chorus part. A friend and colleague of Justin, Gelou injected more flavor and depth into the material with her additional vocals. Here for this P-pop rise moment. 


Just in time for summer, Justin gave us a music video that low-key got our wanderlust tingling. Featuring locations in Zambales, South Korea, and the Northern Blossom Flower Farm in Atok, Benguet (the same place Justin shot his Sunday Morning cover), the MV was a dreamy escape. And behind it was Justin, who conceptualized and directed it alongside his college batchmate and now-Creative Manager of 1Z, Xi-Anne Avanceña. 

It shows how Justin knows his art, while also being open to working with trusted collaborators to make it even better. “surreal’s MV is a collaboration with the most creative team I know. Joining us are Alan Ante and Stephanie Joy Cea as directors of photography for this project. They were very fun and nice to work with. They really understand what the song is trying to say,” he gushes. Oh, and if you take a look at the credits of the music video, Stell Ajero is credited as both a content producer and makeup artist.


February 27, 2024 was a special day for Justin as he began his solo era with a private launch for his new single at a rooftop events space that fit his aesthetic to a T. And in a sign of how loved and supported Justin is, the event was attended by quite a few of his close friends, colleagues, and family. Pablo, Stell, and Josh (who had an event that same day), Teacher Hong, Justin’s family, and some of the family members of the other members were all spotted at the event. They all came for Justin, and it’s enough to warm a cold heart. 

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