Justin De Dios Acting Debut On Senior High Leaves Us Wanting More

Justin De Dios’ Acting Debut On ‘Senior High’ Leaves Us Wanting More

Actor Justin era.

ICYMI: SB19’s Justin De Dios made his acting debut on teen drama ‘Senior High’ as Jared, Sanya (Gela Atayde)’s date to the much-awaited Northford High prom.

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Singer, performer, SB19 member, and all-around creative Justin De Dios has added another title to his resumé: actor! Justin made his acting debut on top-rated teen drama Senior High as Jared (Jah-red, anyone?), a P-pop artist and Sanya (Gela Atayde)’s date to the prom.

With just a handful of lines, Justin was easily a highlight of the episode, if the trending tags ActorJustin PrimetimeDebut and #JustinInSeniorHighEp98 were any indication. His appearance was teased a week before, and fans have been tuned in and waiting for the past two nights on the Kapamilya Online Live stream. When he finally appeared, despite having a short screen time, it marked an official donning-of-a-new-hat for the idol and artist, and it makes us wonder if he’s planning on doing other acting projects as well.


Justin’s appearance was one sign that the highly-anticipated Prom Night episode was going to be a special one. From Roxy (Xyriel Manabat) forgiving Tim (Zaijan Jaranilla) to Sky (Andrea Brillantes) and Obet (Kyle Echarri) going together as each other’s dates to the prom, the 98th episode of Senior High featured plenty of set-ups to new conflicts—conflicts that Senior High fans and audiences were kind enough to share and explain in the livestream comments to A’tin that were tuned in for Justin’s debut.

The artist’s introduction was definitely grand, what with the whole masquerade-themed outfits and fanboy Kenjie (Tommy Alejandrino) acting perfectly like someone who just met their idol and was just a little bit cringy about it. As Kenjie makes his way to what should have been just a photo with Sanya and her date, squealing and freaking out all the way, Justin-as-Jared sends him a hilarious look that he easily wipes off with a smile.

“Jared” spends the prom hanging out with Sanya and major fanboy Kenjie, dancing to Bazinga, Senior High‘s theme song and SB19 track, and generally looking like he was simply happy to be there. He was totally giving prom-date-from-another-school vibes. Fans kept a keen eye on the star and grabbed enough material for several edits, both about his visuals and the relatability of Kenjie’s fanboying.


Justin was billed as a guest star, and we aren’t sure if the idol appears in the following episodes or if he simply dropped by (from his post, it seems like he did), but his short cameo elicited calls for more Actor Justin. Justin’s role wasn’t very far off from his actual life and career, which may have given him the chance to slip into it easily, but regardless, Senior High gave him a platform to dip his toes into acting—and one thing’s for sure: we’d love to see more.

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