Jessica Sanchez Covered Beyoncé’s Dubai Performances And It’s Out Of This World

She's back.

Even Queen Bey will be proud.

Remember when Filipino-American singer-songwriter Jessica Sanchez was getting standing ovations after standing ovations at the American Idol stage every night over a decade ago? Well, if yes, then you should also recall how even when she’s effortlessly making wonders out of Mariah Carey’s My All or Jazmine Sullivan’s Stuttering, it still wasn’t enough for the uber-talented woman to be the season’s winner, eventually settling for a runner-up placement. While most people have seemingly gone on with their lives after that, others (including this writer) vividly remember the painful robbery that happened. 

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Years-long bitterness aside, our girl Jessica has recently (and thankfully) been taking people’s breaths away on TikTok with her sublime covers of Beyoncé’s comeback concert performances. Several fans have also been making their own versions of Queen Bey’s dazzling bits from her Dubai show, but Jessica has just ended the game with her glorious renditions of Drunk In Love and Countdown that are making others pack it up and go home. Garnering over a million views as of this writing, take this as Jessica’s queenly revenge and much-deserved resurgence.


Jessica Sanchez was only a teenager when she joined American Idol’s 11th season in 2012, but as this video of her performing Beyoncé’s Sweet Dreams to heavenly perfection shows, her overwhelming vocal talent can take on every assignment you give her and even make you feel that it’s her own music. If anything, it feels like that moment leads up to now, where Jessica proves yet again that she’s like no other. 

@beyoncevi she’s the greatest performer living or dead period. #beyonce #atlantistheroyal #fyp ♬ original sound – beyoncevi

Perhaps you all are aware of Beyonce’s comeback to the live stage with an exclusive concert at the new Atlantis The Royal resort in Dubai last January 21. And while the concert was per-invitation only, recorded footage quickly spread online, including videos of Queen Bey killing the stage with her performances of Drunk In Love and Countdown. This then became the inspiration of the Beyhive stans and those brave enough to take on the challenge of recreating the Hollywood icon’s soaring rendition of the aforementioned songs. 

@officialjessicasanchez Replying to @yronimuz ♬ original sound – Jessica Sanchez
@officialjessicasanchez Replying to @oslog21 ask & you shall receive 🥰 #beyonce #countdownchallenge #countdown #jessicasanchez #singing #cover #fyp ♬ original sound – Jessica Sanchez

Not only is Jessica Sanchez brave, she’s more than capable enough to do it. The first time she makes us all feel the goosies is when she granted a fan’s TikTok request to do Beyonce’s Drunk In Love outro last January 25. And as you may have witnessed, the clip is forty seconds of pure, unadulterated musical prowess. Jessica belted it all out so casually wearing a t-shirt while sitting inside a bathroom. Not even a day later, and she then posted another video of her version of the Countdown intro, and as expected, everybody’s got the chills, too.

So far, both videos have already been viewed over a million times and have made a lot of fans go wild. Others are saying that her rendition matches Beyoncé’s performance while others point out the fact that her big break is long overdue. Most of them take a bittersweet trip down memory lane and recall her “blasphemous” loss in American Idol and that Jessica is their “true” winner. A Twitter user even urges Beyoncé to sign Jessica on her music label stat.

Don’t get us wrong. Jessica Sanchez has released some notable offerings before, from her timeless Ne-Yo collab song Tonight to her much recent fiery track Baddie. But still, we have yet to see Jessica in her main pop girl era that she so deserves. With the incomparable musical talent that she’s been showing us for years now, Jessica should’ve been topping charts, headlining concerts, and even winning Grammy awards now. Until that, may her otherworldly renditions be a reminder to stop sleeping on the star that is Jessica Sanchez.

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