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Janine Gutierrez Was Asked, “Bakit Ang Laki Ng Tiyan Mo?” And She Had The Most Unbothered Response

She was asked "bakit ang laki ng tiyan mo?"

You don’t just assume a lady’s pregnant.

Janine Gutierrez may be one of the most low-key stars around, but she remains down to Earth as you can tell with her relatable tweets. She’s had one hell of a year; finally getting the recognition she deserves for her acting range and yet, still remains as feisty as ever. Recently, she roasted someone who asked her if she’s pregnant. While she was clearly having none of it, she had the most unbothered response.

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Priggy ka ba? Bakit ang laki ng tiyan mo?” The anon asked, assuming that Janine had a baby bump in a photo she uploaded on her Instagram during ABS CBN’s Christmas special. TBH, we didn’t think anyone would have that amount of time on their hands to zoom in on every part of the picture, because the girl looks stunning as always. Keeping it simple and straightforward, Janine answered, “PMS bloat actually.” Yes, you can ask the ladies, because pre-menstrual bloat is very much real and it feels like hell.

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Aside from that, she also revealed that she’s been holiday-eating, and why not? Who else doesn’t love food? She then proceeded to telling the netizen off by saying “sana masarap din kain mo this December.” And that folks is why you should mind your own business. But of course, since the holidays are ringing and Christmas reunions are about to happen real soon, there will always be that one tito or tita who’ll ask the most intrusive questions. And if they throw these unwarranted comments your way, just think: What would Janine Gutierrez do and dish out an unbothered response just like her. Now, that is how to win the holidays.

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