9 Young Stars Who Are So Much More Than Just Their Famous Last Name

These nepotism babies deserve their fame.

While their backgrounds did help them get their start, these stars have proven that their innate talents are more than enough to warrant their fame.

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If you’ve been on social media over the past few weeks, then you may have come across the conversation on nepotism and nepotism babies. Nepotism means to experience favoritism based on your kinship or family, so nepotism babies are young adults who grew up with the fame and fortune of their parents helping them achieve their goals. This is a practice that can be found all around us, such as in the entertainment industry where quite a few of the young stars of today came from famous families.

Indeed, it is highly questionable for people to leap ahead of others solely because of their last name. But there have been people who, while benefiting from the privilege of their backgrounds, have proven that what they have to offer is bigger than their last name. With that being said, here are some stars who arguably deserve their fame with the talents and skills they have.


For some young stars, they are usually defined by who their famous parents are. While DJ’s parents may be actors Karla Estrada and Rommel Padilla, he has proven to be a superstar in his own right. From the moment he stepped onto the scene in the early 2010s until now, DJ’s hard work and perseverance has firmly planted himself as one of the top male actors in this country, as well as one half of one of the most iconic Philippine love teams of all time.


Growing up, Donny Pangilina was surrounded by entertainment stars. His mom is award-winning actress Maricel Laxa Pangilinan while Gary Valenciano is his uncle-in-law. As a natural introvert, he wasn’t really sure if he would also become an actor. But he decided to take the leap of faith and attend some acting workshops for Star Magic and the rest, as they say, is history. Since he was first seen on our screens in 2016, Donny has quickly risen the ranks to become one of the hottest stars of today. Not only does he have a personality of gold, but his acting skills continue to improve with every new project he’s in. To top it all off, Donny also has a pretty good singing voice and has released a few singles over the years.


As the son of Piolo Pascual, you can have nearly any door in the industry open for you if you wanted. And while most did initially get to know Inigo through his dad, the young musician has proven that his musical talents are indeed the real deal. He’s a skilled singer and dancer, having scored viral hits over the years. He has also been making moves abroad in the international music scene, performing on stages around the world and working with global musicians. To top it all off, he even managed to land a role in a Hollywood TV show, that of Ace Grayson in Fox’s Monarch which is set to premiere this September.


While talent runs in the blood of Janella Salvador, her parents are actress Jenine Desiderio and musician Juan Miguel Salvador, after all, her career was definitely built by her hard work. Be Careful With My Heart shot the actress and singer into superstardom while her lead role in The Killer Bride was extremely memorable. And even though Darna just recently aired, Janella’s role as the new Valentina has already become a fan favorite on social media as she makes it feel okay to root for the anti-hero. Disney has even tapped the star to sing songs from their animated movies like when she memorably sang How Far I’ll Go from Moana. The talented actress, singer, and young mom is truly an all-rounder.


Not only is Janine a stunning actress, but she comes from a family of acting legends. Her parents are actors Ramon Gutierrez and Lotlot de Leon. Meanwhile, she can count icons like Pilita Corrales, Eddie Gutierrez, Christopher de Leon, and Nora Aunor as some of her relatives. Coming from that level of acting royalty can warrant anyone a place in the industry. But over the years, Janine has proven that she is much more than a pretty face with a famous last name. She is a talented actress and has even bagged top local and international awards for her acting work. Her lead role in Babae At Baril in particular has landed her critical praise. You can catch Janine in her newest series, Sleep With Me, which already has been receiving a great reception for its deeper take on two women falling in love with each other.


Music runs in Jayda’s blood. Her parents, Dingdong Avanzado and Jessa Zaragoza, are certified seasoned veterans in the industry. Naturally, Jayda followed in their footsteps when she began her music career in 2017. But if haters thought that she would just be another celebrity child who just wants to sing, they were mistaken. In the years since, the promising 19-year-old musician has showcased her immense musical talents, belting tracks with her vibrant voice while displaying her commanding stage presence. The rising musical star is also a pro behind the camera, serving as a songwriter to stars like Belle Mariano and Maymay Entrata and directing some of her music video. In fact, she has even bagged an international award for her directorial work.


As a member of the prominent Barretto clan, Julia decided to enter the acting industry and follow in the footsteps of her famous family. But while her last name did give her that initial boost for her career, Julia has grown up to be a young woman worthy of the spotlight on her own right. She has flexed her acting skills in well-received projects like Vince and Kath and James and Love You To The Stars and Back. The dancing queen also has branched out into other fields such as her lifestyle and apparel business, The Juju Club, and her YouTube channel.


Since they were kids, Mavy and Cassy Legaspi have been known public figures as they’ve appeared in many commercials with their parents, Carmina Villarroel and Zoren Legaspi. But as the twins enter young adulthood, they are proving that they are much more than just those celebrity kids on TV commercials. Cassy and Mavy have been flexing their acting shops on primetime and building a career that’s poised to be future lead star status. Mavy being partnered with Kyline Alcantara for their popular love team, MavLine, also doesn’t hurt when establishing a young matinee idol image.

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