Here Are The Next Generation Of Young Stars That Should Be On Your Radar

Young icons in the making.

Young artists like Zephanie, Ian Pangilinan, Paolo Pangilinan, and more are slowly but surely growing to be the next generation’s new batch of stars. 

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The rise of a new generation also means the coming of a new batch of young stars to follow and root for. Every generation had its own stars and celebrities and this also applies to Gen Z. As the new kids on the block continues to gain more prominence in society, so too does a fresh crop of young artists looking to make their mark in the industry.

And when it comes to artists with a firm purpose, no local company does it quite like Cornerstone Entertainment. Home to some of the biggest names in the local entertainment industry, Cornerstone recently revealed its new slate of stars for the new generation. Called Gen C, these new stars reflect that of their generation as they come from a wide variety of fields from music, acting, social media, sports, and even drag. Some of these artists are already established names while others are new to the industry. But one thing that they have in common is that they are all looking to do big things and leave an impact. Here are the names you need to keep an eye out for.


Aaron Gonzalez is an up-and-coming actor and musician. For Zephanie fans, he may seem like a familiar face because he was featured in her Tinadhana Sa’yo music video. This Filipino-Spanish artist is looking to be one of the next leading men of the new generation.  


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With smooth moves and a killer personality, Angela Balagtas is looking to make a name for herself in the industry. She already has built a following on TikTok where she has over one million followers and counting.  


Filipino-American Abed Green first got his name on the map as a basketball player for NU. And thanks to his charming looks and chiseled physique, he soon transitioned into becoming a rising model. But Abed is also looking to make a name for himself in the acting world and show that he is more than just a pretty face with a good body. 


Thanks to shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race, drag has become much more accepted in the mainstream with drag queens themselves becoming stars in their own right. Brigiding is a name you should remember with how she’s breaking barriers for the LGBTQIA+ community in the local mainstream. This drag queen has entertained audiences around the world and is looking to set her star even higher.


Model and influencer Eli Padilla has already built a following for himself online thanks to his good lucks and dashing charms. After signing with Cornerstone, Eli is looking to further his modeling career and even dabble in some acting.


If her last name sounds familiar, that’s because she’s the younger sister of beauty queen and reporter Ganiel Krishnan. But Glenn is looking to make a name for herself especially in the world of modeling. People have already said that Glenn looks like the long lost sister of Pia Wurtzbach, which is a great complement anyone can receive.


Ian Pangilinan’s combination of good looks and talent are poised to make him one of the new generations most talked about actors. He first rose to fame in the acclaimed Gaya Sa Pelikula where he was one half of the PangPang love team. Even though that was his first-ever acting role, he killed it and it’s clear that he has a bright future ahead of him.


Marc David is another Cornerstone artists looking to be one of Gen Z’s newest leading men. The young actor previously starred in Stay-In Love as Hero and had a guest role in TV5’s Nina Nino.  


Even though Noel Comia Jr. is only 17 years old, he has already proven himself to be a talented actor. He first appeared on our TV screens when he competed in The Voice Kids. He then transitioned into an award-winning career in acting. In 2017, he became the youngest actor in history to take home an award at Cinemalaya for his performance in Kiko Boksingero. He currently is the co-star of Nina Nino along with Maja Salvador and recently appeared alongside Francie Diaz in Tenement 66.


Aside from his eye-catching and oppa like visuals, Onie De Guzman is also a talented visual artist and a rising influencer.  


A combination of stunning looks and a charismatic personality make Pamela Kaye one of the up-and-coming influencers you should keep your eye on.


After his breakthrough performance in Gaya Sa Pelikula, Paolo Pangilinan has established himself as one of the most exciting new actors to watch out for. Aside from his talents in acting, Paolo is also an advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community and representation as a proud member of the community himself.


If you want to know what Gen Z are into these days, then you need to check out TikTok. The video-sharing app has grown to be the place where new stars have emerged. 19-year-old Queenay Mercado is no doubt a star. With other 10 million followers, she is one of the most popular local creators on the app. Now, she is looking to use her online fame to turn it into a successful career in the entertainment industry.


Speaking of TikTok stars, Yukii Takahashi is another popular content creator on the app. She has over 7.6 million followers and 71.2 million likes on the video-sharing app. She already has built a fanbase for herself and has even appeared on TV as part of the cast of TV5’s Sing Galing variety show.  


Beauty queen Roxie Baeyens is most known for taking home the title of Miss Earth Water 2020. But the young star is set to expand her wings outside the pageant scene as she is looking to make a name for herself in the modeling and acting world.


When you think of the next generation of OPM artists, Zephanie will usually come to mind. Ever since she won Idol Philippines at only 16 years old, Zephanie has made a name for herself as one of the new musicians to watch out for. She is an amazing singer who can keep up with some of the best vocalists of the country. As further testament to how talented she is, she was recently chosen to be one of the teens to participate in Now United’s Boot Camp in Abu Dhabi.

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