Times International Artists Were The Biggest Ben&Ben Stans

12 Times International Artists Were The Biggest Ben&Ben Stans

Certified Liwanags.

These international artists are just like you—they stan Ben&Ben, too.

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Pinoy folk-pop band Ben&Ben is beloved not just within the nation, but also all over the world. One of the biggest local acts to rise in fame in recent history, the nine-piece band has stans, called Liwanag, all across the globe, from South Korea to the United Kingdom.

With their stirring melodies and hugot-worthy lyrics, Ben&Ben is truly a league of its own these days, so it’s no wonder that people tune into their work. The band is also always gracious and acknowledges every time an international star or idol plays or praises their music—and their gratitude doesn’t stop there. Ben&Ben even released a vlog where they covered songs by Korean artists. So, scroll down for the moments when global acts showcased their Liwanag card.


@clyde_ortencio Ed Sheeran performed “Maybe the Night”! 🥹 #benandbenmusic #edsheeran #manila ♬ original sound – Clyde Ortencio

On his +–=÷× Tour show in the Philippines, English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran invited Ben&Ben to open for the show, along with Calum Scott. Sheeran also brought frontmen Paolo and Miguel to the stage mid-show to sing with him and even did karaoke with the group before the concert. Musically, the two acts are vibe twins, known for heartfelt lyrics and soft, soaring melodies. So, it makes sense that their collaboration on Maybe the Night was as lovely as a serenade.


K-pop and OPM intersect for real in this duet between Ben&Ben and DAY6 bassist and vocalist Young K. In 2021, the musicians released a special version of their hit song Leaves featuring the Korean artist. “Leaves caught my ears the most,” Young K said about their collab. “The message given through the lyrics and the entire vibe was very heartwarming. And the vocals were amazing.”


TAEYONG, MARK, RENJUN AND CHENLE (NCT) international artists stan ben&ben

NCT is one group that has plenty of Ben&Ben enjoyers in their ranks. From Mark and Taeyong jamming to their tracks during their livestreams, and Renjun and Chenle during their respective hostings at radio shows—meaning the OPM act made it to South Korean airwaves—the band is very much an NCT favorite. International icons.


TWICE members Momo and Sana listened to Ben&Ben’s Leaves during a livestream at the behest of their ONCEs, and they visibly enjoyed the atmospheric track (who doesn’t?). The band took to Instagram to thank them personally, too.


“It’s a really warm song,” Bang Chan of boy group Stray Kids says of Leaves, which he played during one of his Chan’s Room livestreams. He also listened to the version with labelmate Young K, clearly enjoying the immaculate, calming vibes the song brings.


On paid subscription chat platform Lysn, Red Velvet ‘s Wendy listened to the band’s music at the recommendation of one of her fans, and expressed her delight at their beautiful vocals.


Idol, soloist, GOT7 member, and honorary Pinoy BamBam is also a Leaves fan! On a livestream, he gets introduced to the Ben&Ben track and immediately said he’s adding it to his playlist. Welcome to the club, BamBam.


Jacob from boy group The Boyz shouted out Ben&Ben twice, first on their social networking app Fancafe, and again the next year during a livestream. Clearly, the band has permanent residence in his playlists.


In a legendary moment, singer, ASTRO member, and actor Cha Eunwoo chose to cover Ben&Ben’s Kathang Isip for his 2019 Manila fanmeet, making everybody in the vicinity swoon. Eunwoo, perhaps another cover at your fanmeet this March?

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