7 Highlights From BamBam’s AREA 52 Concert In Manila That Gave Big Filipino Energy

Shot puno!

Thai idol BamBam gave fans the experience of their lives at his first solo concert in Manila—earning honorary Filipino status along the way. Read on to find out why.

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Solo artist and GOT7 member BamBam is embarking on his first solo world tour AREA 52! His first stop outside of South Korea was Manila, where Double B doubled down on the fanservice and fun performances. He made sure he absorbed as much of Manila as Manila absorbed of him by immersing himself in the musical culture of the Philippines (he asked what surprise Filipino song to perform) and adopting Filipino slang, jokes, and phrases.

This has now become standard for each country, as the Thai artist also asked Malaysian fans which song they’d like for him to perform at his Kuala Lumpur show. BamBam is sweet for preparing a nice surprise for each stop, making sure each country’s culture and his fans are uniquely involved in the show. It’s giving Mr. Worldwide!

Ever since his early days in GOT7, BamBam has been dipping his toes in Filipino culture, singing Ronnie Liang’s Ngiti in concerts, and more recently, turning “shot puno!” into his trademark catchphrase. And after AREA 52 in Manila, he’s solidified his honorary Filipino status—here’s why!


BamBam and Sandara Park at AREA 52 concert


BamBam featured special guest, “pambansang krung-krung” Sandara Park, at AREA 52, performing alongside his close friend and labelmate. Did you know they also went to Gerry’s Grill together back in 2022? Dara, as an honorary Filipina darling herself, was the perfect guest to join BamBam, matching his funny, enthusiastic energy perfectly. Dara performed her new songs Festival and Dara Dara, as well as 2NE1 classic I Am The Best.


Filipino Ahgases do stay winning! Fans got BamBam to dance the SB19 global hit twice with Dara, after they also got him to sing Raining in Manila twice. More importantly, of course, they killed it.


After asking what surprise song he should perform at AREA 52, and getting a ton of responses, BamBam ultimately chose the Lola Amour hit Raining in Manila (and his favorite, Ngiti by Ronnie Liang). More than that, instead of just performing it at the concert, the singer also posted a full cover on his X account—and his pronunciation, accent, and vibe were on point! BamBam Batumbakal indeed.


The superstar also shared some cute social media interactions with Lola Amour on X after the band listened to BamBam’s cover. We’re slowly watching a friendship form, people! A friendship that could lead to a collab, if things fall into place. The artist also channeled a Filipino-style hugot in replying to the band. Who hurt you, BamBam?


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Seloso BamBam strikes again! The artist hilariously called out his fans for checking out his dancers instead of him, saying they should only pay attention to him. “You like my ate?” He said with no hesitation. Called out in English and Filipino! Don’t worry BamBam, plenty of eyes are just on you.


Unbeknownst to BamBam until after the show, Ronnie Liang himself attended the concert, showing his support for the idol. Clearly, he knows all about how Bam loves his song!


Still in glam, Double B ended his great night with a pint and his favorite catchphrase. Like with “skrrt skrrt,” he’s owning the use of “shot puno” and helping it become a global catchphrase. Hopefully the idol comes back sooner rather than later and checks off the next things off his Philippines checklist. If he doesn’t have one yet, we’ll make one for him. We’re waiting for that Lola Amour collab (and maybe a Poblacion pub crawl?)

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