Being At Peace: Here’s The Inspiration Behind Nadine Lustre’s ‘Overgrown’

That's some Mother Nature energy right there. 🍃

After two years, Nadine Lustre makes her music comeback with an introspective track that’s all about acceptance and thriving in peace.

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It has been quite some time since Nadine Lustre enchanted us with her visually, aurally, and emotionally transcendent album, Wildest Dreams, and her empowering tracks, Own It and Wait For Me. These exquisite creations served as a testament to Nadine’s undeniable talent and solidified her status as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Now, after a couple of years, the Filipina queen herself returns to captivate us once again with a new song that delves into her nostalgic past, explores uncharted horizons, and marks a historic collaboration.


Nadine Lustre Overgrown

Nadine Lustre makes her much-awaited return to the music scene after a two-year hiatus with her latest single, Overgrown. This heartfelt composition serves as a tribute to her transformative twenties, encapsulating the invaluable lessons, daunting challenges, and profound experiences that have shaped her into the person she is today. As she embarks on her journey into her thirties, Lustre embraces her past, finding solace and inner peace in the process.

Overgrown not only showcases Lustre’s audacious artistic growth and fearless experimentation but also immerses the audience in an enchanting soundscape inspired by the picturesque island of Siargao where the song was initially conceived. The track effortlessly transports its audience to an idyllic and lush soundscape, resonating with authentic sincerity. 

With this release, Lustre also pays homage to her twenties, coinciding with her thirtieth birthday celebration this year. The song’s drill-based foundation is artfully interwoven with drum and bass elements, creating a truly distinctive addition to her discography. Overflowing with introspection, Overgrown allows listeners to embark on a poignant and heartfelt exploration of personal growth, peace, and acceptance.

With lyrics penned by Lustre herself, along with singer-songwriter Linying and producer Josh Wei, Overgrown is an alternative pop gem that seamlessly melds captivating beats and synth elements. While Lustre’s lyrical prowess and storytelling have always resonated deeply with her dedicated fanbase, Overgrown evokes a newfound boldness and experimental spirit in her composition.


Though currently an independent artist, Lustre joined forces with WILD Entertainment, a 360-entertainment company hailing from South Korea, for the release of the track. Under the leadership of CEO Leonard Lim, WILD Entertainment has recently entered the Philippine music scene, and this collaboration with Lustre on Overgrown marks their first release in the country. This partnership serves as a dynamic prelude to the label’s ambitious plans for fostering local talents and revitalizing the music landscape.

Nadine Lustre Overgrown release schedule

Nadine Lustre’s latest release, Overgrown, represents a significant milestone in her musical journey. On the one hand, it’s another musical feat for Nadine, as she bares her soul into this new single, and lets us bask in her own wilderness. On the other, collaborating with WILD Entertainment marks an exciting chapter not only for Lustre but also for the burgeoning music scene in the Philippines.

Overgrown starts streaming today, June 23, 2023, on all streaming platforms. Nadine Lustre and WILD are also set to treat the fans with the song’s visualizer coming out later this month.

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