Here Are 8 iKON Songs To Help You Celebrate Their Long-Awaited Comeback

B.I's jukgessda will always have a special place in our hearts.

iKON is finally set to end the drought with the release of their new EP, FLASHBACK in May. Here are some tracks to help you get ready for their return.

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Ever since iKON made their debut in 2015, the boy group has built themselves a global following thanks to their variety of song styles, addicting songs, personal touch, and lyrics that cut deep into the heart. But even with all that, the group hasn’t been immune to the YG Ent curse, also known as taking an abnormally long time between comebacks. The last time they released an EP was in 2020 while their last single was in early 2021. Needless to say, iKONICs are parched for new material.

But many prayers and hopes were answered this 2022 as iKON is finally set to release new music real soon. With the imminent drop of their new EP, FLASHBACK, and title track BUT YOU on May 3, the album is set to have five tracks (six if you buy the CD version) that we very much cannot wait to listen. But before that rolls around, let’s take a stroll down memory lane with some of iKON’s best songs. Whether you are a new fan or a long-time iKONIC, these tracks are here to remind you of what iKON has to offer.


While at first listen, Airplane sounds quite wholesome, it actually delves into the topic of long-distance relationship. The group shares a tale of how they are about to break up with their partner because she’s going away. They try their best to dissuade her from boarding that plane, but in the end, they are unsuccessful. While not as hard-hitting as some of their other tracks, Airplane is still a fun iKON song to listen to and still holds up to this day.


Looking back on it now, B-DAY actually deserves more love than it gets. It’s fun, catchy, and gets the party started. And the song is also another display of iKON’s unique style, as evident in the waeng prominently featured in the chorus. It may not be as deep as some of their other songs, but it’s not meant to be. In essence, B-DAY is a party anthem about living in the moment. It’s one of those songs to listen to if you just want to have a good time.


Out of all the styles iKON has tried over the years, one that they are most known for is their hard-hitting hip-hop vibe as seen in BLING BLING. Any sense of humility is thrown right out the door at the very beginning of the track. With thunderous brass riffs coating the entire song, iKON brags about the finer things in life. And it is all wrapped up in a BANG BANG BANG-like ending that fits perfectly.  


Breakup songs and iKON are a match made in heaven because they just hit different. Take for example GOODBYE ROAD. The song is the embodiment of what we hope our break up is like if we ever experience one. The track sees the group admit that they are in an unhealthy relationship and that it would be best to break things off. It’s about letting someone go but doing so with love and realization that it’s for the best. GOODBYE ROAD is so meaningful because it depicts what a health breakup should be. The fact that they sing about regretting loving someone so much just to breakup with them should tell you as much.


Even before their debut, iKON has been releasing songs with deep meanings. But among all their songs, I’M OK stands out with its message. It touches upon the all too-real feeling of processing a breakup and how different people deal with sadness. For some people, loneliness is their coping mechanism and how they move on even if others may see it differently. While others might see loneliness as bad, for some it is an escape.


Something must have been in the air in 2018 because iKON was in their bag releasing smash hits like KILLING ME. The song is about the regrets you feel for nothing giving it your all in a relationship. Those regrets and memories then start eating you up, making the breakup even harder. Aside from the track’s relatable lyrics, KILLING ME shines with its catchy production and attention grabbing beat drop that you didn’t expect but works so well.   


Even if you aren’t a fan of iKON, you must at least know or have heard of this song. Widely regarded as one of the best and most popular K-pop songs of the late 2010s, Love Scenario is a timeless and iconic bop. In the track, the group reflect on a past relationship, but instead of being bitter, they look back on it with fondness and love. It’s wholesome message mixed with the song’s simple yet addicting sound made it so easy to get into, even schoolchildren were jamming to this. And of course, we can’t forget to mention it’s legendary music video. Some of their finest work truly.


Why Why Why was one of the last songs iKON released before they went on their extended hiatus. It’s a good thing then that they left us with this meaningful bop. The song is another standout among their breakup songs with its upbeat but calmer sound. The members sing and rap about not treating their partner better and all the emotions associated with it. The track hits close to home for those who’ve ever had those regrets with the emotional punch coming from its final lines.

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