Hwang In Youp Wants To Meet You When He Comes Back To The Philippines

Now that’s the beauty of a comeback.

After over a decade, Hwang In Youp is set to make a heartwarming return to the Philippines, the place he lovingly called home for a while, in the highly anticipated BYS Fun Meet in Manila.

It is no secret, at least to those who have really been captivated by the compelling charm of Hwang In Youp, that the South Korean actor has quite the connection to the Philippines. Other than the obvious, which is the unceasing fascination for all things hallyu, fans and followers have taken to memory the fact that he lived the Filipino way of life way prior to destiny calling his name. Before he was the model and actor that we know of today, navigating intense storylines and nail-biting narratives, he was Ryan Leon (his English name), the student diligently making his way through high school and college in Davao city. “Philippines is always a beautiful country,” recalls the standout star of True Beauty in an interview with the Philippine Star. “Also I really miss my friends who treated me with a warm and friendly heart even though I was a foreigner.”

Despite having such striking titles neatly filed in his already sterling resume as W.H.Y., Freshman, Tale Of Nokdu, 18 Again, The Sound Of Magic, and the soon to be released Why Her, he is looking forward to sink his teeth in the mouthwatering delights of Filipino cuisine, particularly the lechon. “I really liked lechon,” he shares candidly with NYLON Manila last year. “If I can visit again, I really want to eat lechon.”

And now, close to thirteen years later, Hwang In Youp is set to make new memories in the Philippines, culinary and otherwise, as he is set to finally come back, this time as a K-drama superstar.

Everybody’s Welcome

When Hwang In Youp was introduced as the face of the Uncover True Beauty campaign of BYS Philippines, the idea of him carving time out of his presumably busy schedule to return to the country was floated, but at the time, it seemed like a dream more than anything. But for the stereotype smashing actor and ambassador, he wanted to make it a reality. And here we are, the prospect of him meeting his fans beyond carefully curated posts and glitch-prone Zoom call inching closer.

While it has been known for a while now that when the circumstances permits, Hwang In Youp would be making his way to Manila at the soonest possible time, BYS Philippines just made many fantasies come true by announcing how one can be part of what is expected to be a fun meet with their oppa. A first of the sort for the K-drama idol, it has been revealed that all roads lead to the New Frontier Theater on June 19, where Hwang In Youp will be waiting for you, striking good looks and glorious, glowing skin and all.

Hold on tight to your Skin by BYS Minis, because by simply purchasing product packages from BYS Philippines on TicketNet, you will get the chance to see Hwang In Youp in the flesh. Sorted as BYS Gold (P5250 for one VIP seat and products), BYS Silver (P3675 for one Loge seat and products), and BYS Bronze (P2100 for one Balcony seat and products), there is a space for his Filipino fans whom he also fondly considers his family. In fact, his fandom has been aptly christened HIYLIY (Hwang In Youp’s Family), so everyone is welcome to take part and most importantly, have fun with him.

Ready for this return? We know Ryan Leon is.