Black Eyeliner Who? Here’s How to Wear Colored Eyeliner

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Black liner has been the stash staple in the beauty world for ages. But thanks to recent pop culture moments (such as the Euphoria Effect), we’re all about the visual vibes of electrifying eye looks. Whether it’s rocking rhinestones or embracing the vibrant colors crashing onto the eyeliner scene, we’re here for it all.

As the momentum of this trend isn’t dying down anytime soon, we’re plunging headfirst into the era of colored eyeliners. To get you fully on board with this hype and upgrade your look from basic to straight-up bombshell, check out this ultimate guide on how to serve and seriously slay the look.

Start Subtle

Dabbling in colored eyeliners might seem a bit daunting, but fear not—starting off with subtlety is the secret sauce. Trade in your go-to black liner for something earthy and mellow, like moss green or cocoa brown; it’s all about that laidback look. These tones bring in a pop of color without overtaking your entire routine. Whether it’s a thin line along your upper lash or a soft smudge on the lower lash, ease into the magic of colored eyeliners step by step.

Colorblocked Lash Lines

For those ready to dive deeper into the colored eyeliner trend, experimenting with color blocking along the lash lines is an excellent next step. Get playful with contrasting shades or complementary colors, painting bold, distinct lines above or below your eyes. It’s like creating an art canvas on your lids—let your imagination run wild.

Double Decked

Why settle for one shade when you can double down? Embrace the sunny side by mixing and matching two different eyeliners for that double-winged effect. Try dynamic duos like electric blue with a deep purple or choose colors that mirror your mood. This will take your glam game to the next level and serve as a bold statement that’s bound to turn heads—and maybe even stop traffic.

Fun and Flushed

Colored eyeliners aren’t confined to merely enhancing your lash lines; they possess the potential to become the building blocks of mini masterpieces on your eyelids. Think beyond the basic lines; these eyeliners transform your eyelids into a playground for a creative escapade. Get set to display some serious graphics, playful patterns, or whatever out-of-this-world designs you have in mind. Colored eyeliners aren’t just cosmetics; they’re a medium of self-expression, shaping your eye routine into an art form.

Glitz and Glam

Elevate your evening glam game with a sprinkle of sparkle! Colored eyeliners offer a wide range of finishes – from glitzy glitters to mesmerizing metallics. Want that wow factor? Add a dash of sparkle to the tip of your wing or opt for a full-on slay with a dose of shimmering shade along your lash line. It’s like an express ticket to instant glam that catches every beam of light.

Monochromatic Moment

For an effortless eyeliner look that still packs a punch, embrace the monochromatic makeup route. Pick a single color and dive into its different shades to add depth and dimension. Whether you’re exploring a spectrum of blues or diving into a range of purples, this visual vibe brings your whole look together, serving some major sophistication with the right amount of extra.

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