he's into her s2 ep7

He’s Into Her Season 2 Episode 7 Recap And Review: I’m Sorry Moo

And that's on proper communication.

In episode 7 of He’s Into Her season 2, Deib and Max turn a misunderstanding into the most wholesome makeup scene of the season.

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In hindsight, the lighthearted tone of episode six was to prepare us for what is to come in the coming episodes. In episode seven, it’s clear that the endgame is upon us as Deib and Max’s biggest challenge yet is imminent. Yes, it’s going to be messy and tears will be shed. But before we get to that, we have a wholesome apology to get through.



Episode seven, entitled No Lies, No Secrets, begins with the school principal informing the seniors that they will be having a career fair. Later on, we find the whole gang meeting Dale with Lorde catching him up on what he missed. The group also teases Michiko about her bond with Dale, including the carrot cake Michiko made that Dale wants to try again. It turns out that not only did Dale confide to Michiko, he also gave her a thank you letter that she placed in her time capsule the year prior. Okay Michiko, we see you girl.

The next day, it’s the career fair with the group finding out which possible careers they should take. Deib, Max, and Kim go to the law both where Randall’s father is serving as a representative of the law firm. He reveals that his work revolves around criminal cases, which includes representing supposed criminals in court. That doesn’t sit well with Deib who tells him that he doesn’t feel comfortable with defending people who are accused of committing a crime, a possible foreshadowing of what is to come.



Meanwhile, we find Lee and Ysay at Yohan’s art booth but it doesn’t take long for things to get awkward when Naih shows up, trying her best to relate to Lee even though art is far from her pool of interests. While all of this is going on, Aguila suddenly remembers his past and fills in the blanks of what happened after the finale of season one. He reveals that he was about to send Deib the CCTV footage of the shooting when his phone got low battery. To make matters worse, he was also attacked. Before they had the time to dispose of him, a couple of passersby came across the scene, saving Aguila’s life. But before he could tell what he knows to the police, he suddenly dies of a heart attack.

We then are back in Benison, making for a bit of a tonal whiplash from Aguila’s death scene, as the seniors scour the fair for their potential future. It is at during this point where Deib reveals to his mom that he isn’t interested in becoming a doctor or going into law. Instead, he wants to be an engineer. But it’s mainly driven by the fact that he’s still afraid of his father and that he doesn’t want to disappoint him again. As for Max, she, Elle, their dad, and Tita Macy have lunch together. But it also so happens that the principal is there with her as well. Tito Maxim and the principal then low-key shade each other as a way to see who knows Macy better. You could tell Maxim was jealous which made for a funny scene.



After lunch, Max and Deib visit a booth and Max is intrigued by the possibility of going to Japan for college. She’s thinking about taking up nursing or law and is even offered to be given a recommendation letter. That doesn’t sit well with Deib though as he doesn’t feel comfortable with the idea of a long distance relationship. And Deib is about to get even more uncomfortable when they visit the media booth. They just so happen to play the video Max and Randall shot a few episodes ago, leading Deib to walk out. The two then get in their first serious fight of the season as Deib asks Max if he kissed Randall. Max then shoots back saying she didn’t and chides Deib for not trusting her enough.

As for Tito Boyet, the secret’s finally out as Randall overhears him talking about what he did during the night of Dale’s shooting. But instead of immediately rating him out, Randall comforts Tito Boyet as he explains that he needed the money to help Max when she was in the hospital.


The next day, TagSen’s lover’s quarrel becomes the talk of the school and Naih and Lee find themselves on opposite sides once again. Naih says that she would have lied if she was in Max’s shoes. But Lee responds by saying that he wouldn’t do that because he wouldn’t want to hurt the feelings of Randall knowing that he was her first boyfriend. Lee then makes a valid point that it’s okay for friends to not share the same opinion on everything.

And this is where we reach the emotional crescendo of the episode. Deib watches the full video and realizes he made a mistake. He texts Max saying he’s sorry and asks her to call him when she can. In school, after a bit of hesitation, Max decides to talk to Deib by the bleachers. There, Deib lays it all out, saying that he’s sorry for judging Max to quickly and not trusting her. Interestingly, he also reveals that he’s still scared from what Kim did to him and that he judged Max as if she was Kim. But now he realizes that the two are different.

Redeeming one of Max’s love coupons, he tells her he loves her without actually saying it by saying that he’s sorry. Max accepts the apology and pays it back by saying that she too is sorry for not telling Deib about what he and Randall exactly did sooner.

Truthfully, this was our favorite part of the episode 7 and we loved how well-executed it was. In particular, Deib came off so mature and romantic in this scene. It’s not often that people, especially young men, admit that they are wrong. But Deib Enrile isn’t your typical boy. From watching the video to his confession, he owned up to it without a hint of pride in sight. The two spoke to each other like young mature adults and the way Deib spoke came from a place of sincerity. Deib of the past wouldn’t do this which shows you just how much he has grown and changed since dating Max. The fact that he opened up to Max about his insecurities and flaws like that should tell you as much. That, ladies and gentlemen, is a real man.


But while TagSen was able to mend this misunderstanding, the real test is about to begin. At the episode’s conclusion, Deib and family learn that Aguila was in the hospital while Tito Boyet confides to Randall’s dad what he did. Before they speak to the police though, he first tells Max the truth about that night, her facing telling you all that needs to be said.  

In episode six, we got that scene of TagSen in the flower garden and one of the hottest uses of paper we’ve seen this year. And in this episode, we got another moment to live for, but one with a bit more meaning. Seeing Max and Deib talk during the forgiveness scene felt different. It hit in a more emotional level than most of their past scenes together this season, which is saying a lot. While Belle Mariano’s acting here was great, Donny Pangilinan was in his bag during the scene. When he was speaking to Max, it felt genuine, personal, and like he was speaking to us. We love a man who knows when he’s wrong and can own up to it. And more importantly, it showed us that communication is key to any long lasting relationship. When there is an issue, don’t be petty and go talk.

We were also here for the adults being messy during the episode as they brought up their past relationships. It was actually through this that we see Elle look a bit worried that her mom may end up with the principal and not her dad. Her family becoming whole once more is a priority for her so it’s understandable if she becomes a little worried. Elle’s new turn as a life and love advisor for Max is also suiting her well. Of course, the real show is just about to begin now that all the secrets are out and the lies have been exposed.

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