He’s Into Her Season 2 Episode 5 Recap And Review: Change For The Better

We love a man who recognizes his mistakes.

In this extra spicy episode of He’s Into Her season 2, episode 5 sees Deib Enrile facing his past and trying to become a better man.

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If it has not been made clear yet, the idea of change has been a major theme for season two of He’s Into Her Most of the focus has gone to Deib and in episode five, he pushes closer biggest push to his redemption arc. We get a deeper dive into his character, from his relationship with his father to how he views his bullying past. And of course, Max is always there to support him in every step of his journey.



Entitled Crime and Punishment, the episode begins at Deib’s public trial. It seems as if Deib is about to get expelled from Benison until Max asks to speak. Taking to the mic, she tells the school board that if Deib gets expelled, she should too because she punched him back in season one. Max then goes on to defend Elle and explain the importance of school. While people who do bad things should get punished, they should also be looked at for how they can change for the better.

Receiving a standing ovation, Belle’s impassioned speech delivered with conviction worked as Deib only got 40 hours of school service while Elle’s expulsion was overturned, allowing her to go back to Benison. The gang celebrate at The Barb later that night as they have much to be happy for. Well, maybe expect for Deib because even though he avoided expulsion, his dad had a stern talk with him.

He chides his son for the fact that he’s spent thousands on an informant who has not yet given him any leads on Dale’s shooting, as well as giving Tito Boyet 75,000 even though Max’s dad is rich. Speaking of, we find him talking to his friend as he’s found himself in a predicament. He lost the money, but is unwilling to do another carnapping. His friend then tells him that their boss discovered Deib’s private investigator and had him taken care of. Interlaced with this scene is Deib getting assaulted by a bunch of hooligans outside The Barb with Max, Lee, and Lorde coming to his defense. While the scene makes it out as if Tito Boyet’s boss came for Deib, it turns out that it was just Southbay students who still had beef with Deib for his past bullying.



The next day, one of Benison’s walls is vandalized with the phrase “Deib made our lives hell,” which was done by Southbay students who are mad about Deib’s light sentence. Deib admits to the principal that he himself finds it hard to forgive his past actions. Though the principal reminds Deib that the best thing he can do is to recognize his mistakes and give himself the chance to change. Later that night, Deib and Max have dinner with Deib’s parents and we’re treated to another passive aggressive conversation between Deib and his dad. Deib confides to Max that he thinks that his dad sees him as a failure and is never happy with him, which honestly isn’t too far off from how Deib’s mom saw him in season one. Max though, being the ever optimist, tells him that their relationship will get better.

The next morning, we find the Southbay students found guilty of vandalizing Benison, Deib’s car, and attacking him on their way to clean the wall. But they find Deib there, cleaning it as well, recognizing the fact that his past actions led them to do what they did. They clean the wall together, with Deib spending time with the group as he makes amends for what he did to them. He even managed to make friends with them. We later find Deib and Max in Dale’s hospital room. Max tells Deib that he’s a good person because it was his own choice to change and that he should move on to forgiving himself.


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A new school day has begun and we find Naih and Michiko dealing with their own love issues. After discussing monthsary plans, Naih discovers that Lee and Ysay were together in the music room thanks to Karlie being a real life Marites. Naih is furious, which leads to a fun confrontation scene that’s mostly at Lorde’s expense. After confronting them about the meet up, which included a short but tense shouting match between Lee and Naih, he tells her that he was making a song for their monthsary, something that Naih always wanted, and Ysay was there to help. Sensing her mistake, Naih asks forgiveness for both Lee and Ysay.

The previews portrayed this as a tense scene. But in reality it was more of a laughtrip that honestly served the scene well. Criza Taa truly embodies the role of Naih to a T. It was a reflection of how gossip and misunderstanding can get the better of us.

As for Michiko, she’s at church and Max comes to comfort her. She tells Max that Dale used to be her tutor before and developed a crush on him. One day, Dale’s ex ghosted him and he shared his feelings to her. The questions that Dale was asking then are the same ones Michiko is asking now, if she’s good enough or worthy of being in a relationship. Later that night,  Michiko joins Max and Deib for dinner and they are joined by JB, played by River Joseph, one of the Southbay students Deib befriends who has a bonsai tree store. They tell him that they should join their barkada hangout at Kurt’s videoke place the next day.

Finally, the episode ends with Tito Boyet at the tail-end of his lifeline. Despite trying to change for the better and leave behind his criminal past, he is pushed into doing another carnapping to avoid his boss going after Max.  


A lot of juicy things happen in this episode, but undoubtedly the star of the episode is Deib. Here, we see two important things from him. First, we see how he processes his journey towards redemption. So far, we’ve seen him become a better man for Max, but not for his other victims. This episode changes that as we see him really take into account his past actions and reform himself. It shows once more that he’s more than willing to change as he goes outside his comfort zone to do so. While forgiveness and change doesn’t always happen overnight, what’s important is that Deib made the first step and as Max pointed out, he did it on his own accord.

Second, we get to see more of Deib’s family dynamic. In season one, we had the acrimonious relationship between Deib and his mom after Dale’s shooting. And we find that again with Deib and his dad. At moments, you can even see Deib lose a bit of his confidence when talking to his dad. His introduction will be an interesting development to watch.

And while these episode was about change, it also commented on how it’s not that easy even if you want to, as seen in Tito Boyet. Despite trying his best to leave his past behind him, he can’t escape it as his circumstances don’t allow him. It just goes to show that bringing about positive change is shaped by a variety of factors that don’t always have control over. Overall, the episode was a fun and exciting watch that placed the spotlight on what it means to change. From Max’s speech, Deib’s overtures, Naih’s misunderstandings and more, these quite a lot to take away from the episode.

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