He’s Into Her Season 2 Episode 4

He’s Into Her Season 2 Episode 4 Recap And Review: He’s Innocent, Your Honor

Hinahabol ako ng mga puso.

In episode 4 of He’s Into Her season 2, the past doesn’t stay buried as Max and Deib both share moments with their exes.

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What does it mean to move on? For others, letting go in a relationship isn’t that hard. But when you devote a significant amount of time and energy in a relationship that just ends, that’s a complicated mess of feelings that you’ll need time to untangle and properly process. This is where episode four of He’s Into Her (entitled Test And Trials) takes us as Deib and Max continue to fight for their love while their exes aren’t completely out of the picture just yet.


The episode begins with Kim’s condition to Deib, which she clarifies that she just needs a date to her lolo’s birthday party on the weekend. It turns out that Kim’s family doesn’t know that she and Deib have broken up. While first hesitant to do it, Deib is pushed to do so by Max who reasons that there’s nothing inherently wrong about pretending since it is for his future in Benison. Max then adds that she’s willing to do the same with Randall if the roles were reversed. We’ve known for a while now that Deib is low-key the kind of jealous, but at least Max comforts him with the fact that these trials just help them get stronger.

Later on, we find Michiko with the principal. Tob’s departure has greatly affected her to the point that her grades have taken a nosedive. But the principal allows her to retake the test again. Speaking of problems, Tito Boyet’s are fast catching up to him as he needs to pay off his 75,000 debt quickly. To that end, he asks for Max’s help, which Deib overhears. He goes over to their table and tells them that he’s willing to lend the money and Max doesn’t need to rush to pay him back. (Sana all may 75k.) That is, of course, is before someone tries to steal the money from Tito Boyet.


Later that day, we find the whole gang preparing for Deib’s trial. The group is at loggerheads on the strategy to deploy, though they do agree with Kim in that Deib shouldn’t be portrayed as a star student with special privileges, but a regular student that deserves a second chance. Naih and Lee get into a little argument, first about what to do on the weekend and about how Naih is always so dismissive on Kim, who is Lee’s cousin. This then leads to a bit of an awkward product placement scene featuring a choco wafer that kind of ruined the moment a bit.

Back in the planning room, Kim enters with the red dress that she is going to wear to the party. She then decides to change after Max compliments her, proving that insecurity hits at all social levels. Afterwards, Max talks to Michiko and Naih about the possibility of having a side job to pay back Deib. Naih then points her towards a gig involving someone she knows.  


The weekend arrives and we find our two main protagonists on their solo journeys. But first, we see Max and Deib’s mom share a heartwarming moment together and that oh-so satisfying slo-mo shot of Max seeing Deib in his suit. We find Deib and Kim together at the party where we get a peek behind her self-centered exterior as someone who loves the attention but doesn’t enjoy being alone which honestly is a relatable feeling. But in the true emotional core of the episode, we find Max at a tapping for a social experiment with a stranger. But the thing is that Max isn’t being paired up with a stranger, it’s actually Randall and the both of them are there to help pay off Tito Boyet’s debt.

Belle’s acting shines in this scene as we can see how uncomfortable she is when beside Randall. After a truly awkward game of truth or dare, the two then slow dance with tension so noticeable it can enforce social distancing. Outside the shooting venue, that’s when the two really lay it all out. Randall tells Max that he hates her for how she is disregarding their past just like that. Max then replies saying that he broke her heart when he ghosted her. While Randall knows he broke her heart, he tells her that she continues to break his. The confrontation was intense as the two come to blows with how they perceive their relationship, both making valid points in the process.  

As the episode comes to a close, we finally get to meet Deib’s dad and clearly, he is not happy with Deib’s trial considering how their family helped build the school. He tells Deib that no matter the outcome, he won’t be appealing the decision. Deib’s public trial begins the next day and despite a well-worded defense, it seems that plot armor has finally fallen. Or has it?


The first few episodes of the season has given time to flesh out more Randall and Kim. And what we enjoy about this episode is that we get to explore the context of their past relationship, even for just a little bit. Kim may not be the cold-hearted queen bee that she is, though that doesn’t also make her a full saint either. As for Randall, we already know his past with Max, which is why their awkward interview scene and subsequent confrontation hits differently. Both are coming from valid sides, which is why you can’t dismiss one over the other so easily. Belle Mariano and Jeremiah Lisbo’s acting really shined through in this part.

TagSen’s love story also continues to charm us with chemistry that leaps from the scream. The theme of owning up to your past actions is further solidified with how they didn’t want to portray Deib as someone above the rest. Does Deib deserve to be punished for what he has done, maybe yes. But does it warrant an expulsion? That is to be decided. The relationship of Naih and Lee is also getting more exciting to follow and the episode five teaser looks to bring things into overdrive. Overall, a strong episode that delivered the drama, story, and not to mention A-tier shade courtesy of Naih and Deib.

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