He’s Into Her Season 2 Episode 2 Recap and Review: Ungkatan Ng Past

Apparently everyone plays in the same basketball court.

For episode 2 of He’s Into Her Season 2, it’s all about the past lives and whether or not you really know your partner.

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When you’re in love, you feel that you know everything about your partner. Their ticks, interests, likes, dislikes, and unique quirks that only you, as the significant other, has noticed. But do you really know them? That’s the tantalizing question that is floated in the latest episode of He’s Into Her season two. And naturally, it leads to some interesting developments.


Titled Past Is Present, the episode opens with Max being confronted by her father about dating Deib. While he doesn’t explicitly ban her from seeing him, which actually is a nice change of pace from other TV show dads, he does implore her to think about the decision. As for Deib, he’s with Tito Boyet having a drink. He advices Deib to prove Max’s dad wrong and show his genuine love for Max. While this gesture is nice, the scene is kind of awkward when you think about his role in the shooting of Deib’s brother. But that’s for another episode.

The next morning, we see Randall shooting some hoops as he remembers his past with Max. Kim then shows up and offers to team up with him to break up Max and Deib. But Randall refuses. While some may see the two as just bitter exes, this is where we see the big difference between Randall and Kim. Most importantly, Randall has enough morals in him to not stoop down low to get Max back. Kim, being the narcissist that she is, isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty to get what she wants. Yes, both Randall and Kim are flawed. But Randall isn’t that big of a douche.


Later that day, the groups begin their interviews of the class of ’97. First is Kim, Deib, and Lorde who interview Tito Maxim. But before that, Kim begins her plans of getting Deib back and Tito Maxim sees Kim hugging Deib. After shouting down Kim and Lorde, Deib doesn’t look good, which gets him a private talk between him and Max’s dad. He says that he doesn’t like the way Deib talks to other people, as if they were lower than him, something that Deib agrees with and hopes to change to become a better man. Up next is Ysay and Lee who interview the artist Yohan. During his interview, he recalls how his former love at Benison was his exact opposite, something not too far off from what Lee and Naih are facing right now.

Proving once again just how small the world is, Yohan revealed that he created a mural in school for his classmate that turns out to be the current headmaster of Benison, who so happens to be interviewed by Naih, Michiko, and Karlie. And in another gag, it is revealed that the headmaster and Tita Macy were kind of an item back in Benison, which makes things even more awkward for Max and company. Finally, we find Max, Migs, and Khloe interviewing Tita Macy. What already started out as a tense interview went downhill fast when Tita Macy pointed out that Max’s dad cheated on her with Max’s mom, something that Tito Maxim excused as emotional cheating. Though whether it be physical or emotional cheating, it’s still wrong.


Clearly everyone in the household has their own issues to resolve, including the parents which is why Max’s dad promises to be the best father he could be to Max. And in proving that people can change, Tito Maxim agrees to Max and Deib’s relationship, but only if he dates him. This then leads to the climax of the episode where Tito Maxim, Deib, Max, and her tito and lola are having lunch together. To make things even more nerve wracking for Deib, Randall, and Zell show up to give Tito Boyet his medicines and they stay for lunch at the request of Tito Maxim.

It’s at this point that Deib learns just how little he knows of Max’s past as Randall reveals what he and Max do on March 11, the day Max’s mom died in the tsunami in Japan. Max and Randall would go to a beach to commemorate her death with Randall being there so that Max won’t be alone. If the tension between Deib and Randall wasn’t already palpable, it got even heated when we reach the basketball game between Deib and Tito Boyet vs. Tito Maxim and Randall. It was a tense match that even led to Deib accidentally pushing Tito Maxim.

But it seems that Deib’s initial charm offensive worked as he was able to enter Max’s home. The two shared a touching scene by the poolside that served as an episode highlight. Deib understood that he just entered Max’s life recently so he doesn’t know her full story. He desire to do so proved just how much he wants to be with her. The kilig was palpable in this scene as Deib and Max unlock a new tier to their love.

But while TagSen’s love is braving the waves, others may be sinking as we see that Michiko is still missing Tob while Lee and Naih have a small argument about how Naih talks to people. The episode then ends with Max meeting Deib at a church, but of course things can’t end on a happy note as Tito Boyet’s dark past comes to haunt him with a mysterious person trying to find him, and possibly Max as well.


This episode served two purposes. First, it showcased the past of the adults of the series, from the former Benisonians whose relationships and issues connect to each other like a spider’s web to Tito Boyet’s not-so wholesome past. It also shows that even if its been years since these things happened, their actions and resulting consequences have trickled down to the new generation where they have to potentially deal with the fallout.

Second, it takes a closer look at Max’s past, particularly that with Randall. Deib and Max’s relationship honestly started as a whirlwind romance and this episode reminded Deib, and the viewers, just how little Deib knows about Max. As Max and Deib continue their relationship, the two slowly peel back the layers of each other, showing that there is still more to learn about the other. Deib’s redemption arc also continues, both in his love for Max and showcasing his softer side like with the way he talked to Lorde near the end of the episode.

We also like how this episode gave Randall a bit more depth. As stated, Randall is more than just a bitter ex. He’s someone who actually has a stake in the game. This is why Max sees him as a best friend while the same doesn’t apply for Kim and Deib. One issue we see though is what happens to Michiko. It’s been only two episodes, but, so far, all she has done is mourn Tob not being there. The decision to remove Tob from the story instead of recasting him was already controversial for some. So, we hope in the coming episodes to see Michiko leave this depressed spiral and in a way that doesn’t disrespect Tob.

Overall, this was an episode to remind us that you can always learn something new about your partner Also, we’re getting ever so close to the reveal of explosive revelations that could truly shake the table.

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