he's into her episode 14

He’s Into Her Season 2 Episode 14 Recap And Review: Healing Night

She's back and she wants revenge.

In episode 14 of He’s Into Her season 2, Hugot Night turns emotional while Deib, Max, Kim, and Randall experience the most unexpected of plot twists.

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They say life hits you with the most unexpected of plot twists. And in episode 14, that very much was true as once again, we find our three main love teams at the center of attention as they deal with their struggles and complicated relationships. While some may see bridges built, others will see those be torn down. All this happens in the background of Hugot Night at The Barb in an episode that’s a little bit kilig, a little bit emotional, and with a dash of drama and fake kisses.



First, we find Deib and Max on their way to meet Deib’s informant in Batangas. Even though they are united in finding out what that person knows, the tension is still there. With the alone time they have together, Max opens up that she isn’t sure whether she wants to get back with him. The past days have been an eye opener for her, making her doubt whether or not Deib is as sincere as he is. It’s a revealing moment that has been hinted at since season two began, of whether or not Max fell in love with Deib to fast.

What’s interesting about this episode also is that it gives a contrast to Deib and Max by also following Kim and Randall. The exes discover their plan at the beginning of the episode and chase after them. Seeing Kim and Randall together gave these two exes development as they get to open up more. This is seen in how Kim shares to Randall that she felt Deib was too controlling like her lolo and had little trust in her.

He kissed the guy because she wanted to prove to herself that no man can control her, not Deib, not her lolo. Cheating on Deib was still wrong but Kim had a valid point. Kim and Max both pointed out that Deib of the past was too suffocating and there might still be a part of that side of him in Deib now. The two POVs showed us a lot of the characters like how Kim isn’t that heartless diva we thought of her as.

As Max continues to share the things he doesn’t appreciate about Deib to his noticeable frustration, the two get into a fight, which leads Deib’s jeep to break down. Stuck at the ride of the road while it’s raining, both are understandably not in a good mood. But his car breaking down was probably the universe’s way of helping them as Deib figures out that day is Max’s mom’s death anniversary. She was supposed to go to Manila Bay with Randall for the occasion. But given their predicament, Deib decides to improvise and has Max speak to her mom by the puddle at the side of the road.



At the moment, the two open up about their feelings to Max’s mom with Deib stating that he still loves Max and is willing to love her even if it hurts him. It’s clear to Deib now his true feelings for Max and he won’t forget her anytime soon. TagSen nearly share a kiss together before Kim and Randall come across them and pick them up. At this point, there were at least four times when they should have kissed this season but were stopped. It’s getting tired now and we better be getting that legit kiss in the season finale.

What was already an awkward ride between the four got even weirder when it turns out that Deib’s informant is actually, dun dun dun, Aimee. Following her suspension from Benison, Aimee is still pissed at them, but sees a moment for revenge when her family’s CCTV business recovers the dashcam footage of the night of Dale’s shooting. Desperate for answers, Max tells Aimee that she is willing to do anything to see the video. Kim, though, has no time for these games and all four work together to steal Aimee’s tablet. Seeing the four of them work together like that was definitely nice and was a preview into how a world where all of them get along.



While their little adventure in Batangas was going on, the rest of the gang were in Hugot Night and emotions truly spilled. While Naih at this point was keeping it cool about her breakup with Lee. That all changed as she let out all her emotions to him when it was her turn on the mic. She can no longer pretend that it doesn’t hurt her, because it does. And Naih uses the moment to really tell Lee that it won’t be easy for her to get back with him like that. Naih has been hiding from the pain, but as Ysay rightly points out, she needed to confront it in order for her to heal.

She tells Lee in an emotional scene that she won’t forget him because their breakup truly hurt her. And just like that, things might be really over for mine and yours. Aside from giving the time for Naih to let it out, we appreciate how this episode mends the friendship between Ysay and Naih. Instead of just seeing Ysay as the third party, she comes off as a real friend to Naih who starts her on the path of moving on.



Finally, Dale and Michiko finally address whether or not Michiko is ready to move on from Tob. After a bit of back and forth, Michiko shares that the bakery in her heart has closed for renovations and is ready to accept Dale in. In essence, she tells him this episode that she is ready for him to court her. While she isn’t open yet to becoming his girlfriend, she is ready to start on the path of a new love. While all this seems fine, there are still ties to the past that Dale needs to cut. When he was sharing his poem for Michiko, he sees his ex and once again she appears to him like a ghost and a reminder that maybe Dale isn’t ready to move on just yet.  



At this point, were very much ready to finally see these storylines reach a conclusion. Clearly, Deib and Max still have feelings for each other. But the rift between their families needs to be fixed. Now that they have a video that may prove Tito Boyet innocent, the only thing they need to do now is mend those broken bridges. We spent more time with our three main love teams as they move closer towards their endgame.

But what is nice about the episode is how it placed Deib, Max, Kim, and Randall in a different environment. The scene of them together in the car and confronting Amy was some of the most fun this episode and broke up the creeping monotony that can sometimes appear in the show. It was great to see them in this new light and environment and was arguably one of the best parts of episode 14. That little surprise in the end and the group’s united harmony was a fun closer to an otherwise emotional episode.

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