He’s Into Her Season 2 Episode 13 Recap And Review: Break Up Season

You know what maybe detention isn't that bad after all.

In episode 13 of He’s Into Her season 2, the main love teams of Benison go through it, with some blossoming while others languishing.

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Serving as a direct continuation to the previous episode, He’s Into Her episode 13 ditches the unique storytelling the past employed. But in its place is a linear narrative that gives resolutions, or at least continues the bubbling tension that was present in episode 12. With a focus on the three main love teams and how their stories continue from what has happened, Outlaws serves some major revelations that also set up possible endgames for our fave couples.



Central to this episode’s narrative is how Deib and Max move forward following their chat in the elevator. Even though the schism between them is getting smaller, it is still there, as seen in their somewhat tense game of what if as they explored what their multiverse possibilities would be. But the love definitely is still there as exemplified in that shot of Deib carrying Max to the classroom as the Benison gang try to make it back before their teacher does. Deib is wearing their promise ring as a necklace, which shows the inner conflict that he finds himself in. Clearly, he wants to solve the case, even pulling the fire alarm with the hopes of meeting his informant. But at the same time, a part of him wants to believe Max and Tito Boyet.

This struggle is put into deeper focus when he and Max go visit his informant and Randall joins them. With just the two of them at the table, Deib and Randall both profess that they still love Max with Deib saying that he will do everything he can to make Max fall back in love with him. Even though they are officially RO, Max and Deib still have feelings for each other. When they are in school, their distance does not hide the fact that there is still a spark between them (the Benison library strikes again). They clearly still miss each other but aren’t sure how to rekindle their romance with all that is going on in their lives.

Despite everything that has happened, a part of Deib still feels for Max. That friction is something he brings up with his brother and causes another fight with his father. But if Deib is being forced to choose between his family or Max, he wants to have both and the episode’s ending alludes to that with him asking Max to ditch Hugot Night at The Barb and instead join him in Batangas to meet the informant.



In a moment that honestly we saw coming yet were still shocked it happened, Naih and Lee shook up episode 13 with their break up. Stealing themselves from their friends, Lee expresses what he loves most about Naih, but states that they are just too different for each other. As for Naih, she shares that she’s sorry for expecting too much change from Lee and feels that it is best of they end their relationship and just be friends. It is in this pivotal scene where Criza gets to flex her acting skills.

Despite the obvious pain she is going through, Naih tries to process her break up through her typical upbeat energy. She doesn’t release a waterfall of tears, but instead tries to go through it as normally as she can. Even though Naih doesn’t look as bothered as you’d expect, you can tell the decision was not easy for her. She wants to be with Lee, but there is a pain in her that is stopping her. And that’s placed into a greater light when Ysay talks to Naih. In this little one-on-one session, Ysay shares how she isn’t looking to date Lee and wants her to fight for their love despite the differences they have. Even though Naih and Lee may seem like polar opposites, that love is still inside them.


Finally, we have Benison’s dark horse love team of the year, Michiko and Dale. But while the two may have had a passionate moment in the last episode, this episode rightly delves into whether or not Michiko is actually ready to take the plunge in a new relationship. Michiko is moving on from Tob, but is she far enough on that journey to start a new relationship?

To that end, this will they or won’t day scenario is emphasized by the introduction of Dale’s ex, played by Shanaia Gomez. She shows up out of the blue in Dale’s house, almost like a ghost, and tells Dale that she’s ready to get back with him. While Dale looks more than ready to move on, her presence signifies that there are still tethers tying him and Michiko to the past that they need to cut before Dale can court Michiko. This moving on is something she also brings up and serves as a nice grounding for princess charming and his knight in shinning wheelchair.


Overall, while episode 13 drops the creative storytelling that made episode 12 so good, it makes up for it by raising the stakes somewhat for the main three Benison love teams. As we reach the finale of He’s Into Her season two, their endgames are approaching and this episode clarifies what exactly those may be. We also like how this episode gave some much needed depth to other side characters like Kim whose opening up about the need and pressures of meeting expectations was a nice touch. And Lorde saying that he went to detention because his friends were there is peak Lorde behavior.

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