He’s Into Her Season 2 Episode 10 Recap And Review: Tayo Pa Ba?

That ending scream felt too real.

For episode 10 of He’s Into Her season 2, Deib and Max get into their biggest fight yet. But at least Michiko and Dale are giving us the kilig we need.

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When we ended episode nine, Max and Deib were at a pivotal point in their relationship. Tito Boyet’s secret is now out and Max and Deib sees the situation through different POVs. And with episode 10, we see how this falling out is affecting their relationship. But while TagSen may be going through choppy waters, a new potential couple in the form of Michiko and Dale seems to be brewing, which made for a sweet yet sour episode.


Entitled Status: Unsure, the episode begins with Deib defending Max and Elle from the students. But after telling his classmates to stop, he walks off. The two then go to their respective friend groups. Max confides in her friends the pain she’s feeling, but her core group will always be there for her. As for Deib, he’s with Lorde and Lee but experiences what most likely is an anxiety attack. Kim sees this and uses that as her opportunity to strike.

She comes to Deib’s aid and shares how what Deib feels when seeing Max was the same feelings he had when seeing her when they broke up. While Deib isn’t interested in rekindling his romance with Kim, she tells him that she wants to be that shoulder to cry on for Deib, but as a friend. Max and friends see this go down, which causes Max to ask for space for herself. The main gang and Karlie and Khloe then get into a pretty heated argument that included a savage clapback from Elle after Karlie tried to shade her for her family’s history. But before their fight could escalate, they are stopped by the school principal.



Back at the Echavez condo, Max and her family get updates on Boyet’s case. Tito Randall shares that while he has found people who disprove the claims against Boyet, it won’t be enough for Boyet to become a free man, especially after Boyet was accused of shooting Dale two times. All this causes Max to have a mini-meltdown with Randall.

In an emotional scene, Max get’s vulnerable and opens up that she feels as if her entire life is a mistake and questions the decisions she had made. Ever since she arrived in Benison, she has been learning revelations about the people around her that have changed the way she sees the world. She then asks Randall if he has anything life-altering to say to her. He tells Max that the Randall she knew from before is the same Randall now.

On the other side of the fence, we see that Dale has returned home where he and Deib share a brotherly moment. The two open up to one another as Dale asks Deib what he feels about the whole situation. Deib is very much a man of two minds, because while he is hurt by the news, he also doesn’t know what to believe in.


But let’s pause on the hurt for now as we get a sweet moment between Dale and Michiko. The two, along with Lorde and Dale’s nurse, are having Michiko’s carrot cake in the backyard. The two exchange stories of how they became friends, but clearly, there was something more brewing. When asked by Lorde what Dale would have done if he wasn’t shot, he says that he would have asked Michiko to be his date to the senior ball. Explaining his decision, he shares that he wouldn’t want to take anyone else but her. And to everyone’s joy, Michiko says she would have accepted being his date. Lorde was very much us when we watched this scene. New couple alert.

Okay, now back to the lovers quarrel as we find Naih and Lee at Benison. Naih is stressing over what’s happening to her friends. But Lee tells her to calm down and let Max and Deib sort it out themselves. The two then get into arguably their biggest fight yet as Naih and Lee bring up the fact that the two seem to be polar opposites. Naih feels that Lee thinks she lacks boundaries while Lee thinks Naih is not supportive of his artistic side. The two manage to get over this impasse, but it does make you think how long this peace might last.

As for Kim, she runs into Randall at the café and where we get another round of Kim vs Randall. Kim is happy for what’s happening to Max and Deib, but not Randall as he sees how it’s hurting Max. Kim chides Randall for being too nice while Randall chides her back for being too cold. A fan of Kim’s insinuates that the two are dating which leads to more war of words between them.



Later that night, we find the Enrile family getting updates on the case with Deib’s dad bringing up that he’ll contact Kim’s family to help them look for Boyet. It is here where we get to see the conflict inside Deib as he doesn’t want a full blown manhunt because Tito Boyet might get hurt, an indication that deep inside Deib, he still holds even the smallest of trust for Max. But that trust is about to be tested when he hears an audio recording of Boyet talking about the shooting.

The next day in school, Deib approaches Max at the library and redeems a love coupon, one where she gives him whatever he wants. The scene, with Deib’s hand resting on the bookcase, is reminiscent of a similar iconic scene in season one but in a completely different and more painful context. He asks Max to give him Tito Boyet, which she says no to because she doesn’t know where he is. The heated fight gets brought to the hallway as Deib accuses Max of lying and Max fires back by saying that he doesn’t trust her when she says Boyet is innocent. But Max’s pleas that he’s innocent fall on deaf ears and they end their argument in a stalemate, all of which played out for the for students to see.

Back at home, Max, Zell, and Randall see the new video testament from Boyet’s former accomplice which ties Boyet to shooting Dale twice. That and accompanied by the news that the bounty on Boyet’s head was increased to 5 million pesos leads Max to ask Randall to bring her to the special spot on the hill. There, Max lets out a scream that felt like it came from deep within. Of course, Deib so happens to show up as well and turns on his jealous boyfriend mode to 110%. As the episode comes to a close, Max lets out dagger like words as she asks Deib if they are still an item with all that has been happing to them.



What’s interesting about Status: Unsure was that it was an episode in two extremes. On one hand, we saw the fallout between Max and Deib and how its been affecting them physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. Both Max and Deib got vulnerable this episode as they opened up about their internal struggle. Max thinks her life is a whole lie while Deib is racked by guilt with a part of him wanting to believe in Max. The scream Max gives at the hill felt personal and Belle Mariano really brought it all out once more. She channeled Max’s pain and frustration in the episode.

But on the other hand, we see the potential blossoming of the relationship between Dale and Michiko. When we saw the potential spark between the two a few episodes ago, we felt that they were going to be the potential surprise couple of the season. And true enough, that may be happening as Dale and Michiko really did a 180* with their character arcs. Turz Daza and Kaori Oinuma are really surprising us with their strong chemistry. We also appreciate how slightly more intense this episode was in terms of raw emotion. Similar to last week’s episode, it added a bit more spice to an already spicy storyline. And speaking of spice, the next episodes are hitting for even rougher waters for TagSen. Will they survive or sink like the Titanic, we’ll have to wait and see.

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