He’s Into Her Season 2 Episode 12 Recap and Review: The Benison Club

Okay but who pulled the fire alarm?

The Benison gang channel The Breakfast Club in He’s Into Her season 2 episode 12 as they are stuck in detention while Max and Deib take us on a rollercoaster of emotions.

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Following the drama in the last couple of episodes, Max and Deib are now at the lowest point of their relationship. But if you thought that it was curtains for TagSen, you thought wrong. Episode 12 finds our main love team going through their relationship like the ups and downs of a rollercoaster in one of the most fun and creative episodes of the season with its The Breakfast Club-inspired premise.



The episode opens with the news that Tito Boyet has been arrested, but his bail paid thanks to Tito Maxim. With the beef going on between the two families, Max and Deib decide to meet where the beginning of the end truly starts. Deib feels the need to quit their relationship because the trust between the two of them isn’t there anymore. As he says “Love without trust isn’t love.” Their secrets are hurting them, their families, and friends, and continuing their relationship is only going to cause more harm. As for Max, even though it hurts her, she agrees to let go and will continue to love him even if it hurts her. She tearfully removes her promise ring before leaving.

Donny and Belle really got to flex their dramatic chops in this scene as they brought out the intensity and emotions that the two were going through. The tears and aches felt too real as we felt like we were breaking up with them too. And this was just the start of the episode.



Fast forward a week and we find the Benison gang in detention on a Saturday. It turns out that someone set off the fire alarm in school and that person is supposedly in that room. One by one, each member shares how they got in detention. For starters, Naih and Ysay are at their boiling point with one another over their love triangle with Lee. Naih wanted Lee to use the schools PA system to say that he loved her, but he got cold feet and was caught by the faculty. Naih and Lee then get into an argument over whether or not Lee is committed to the relationship. He walks off and leaves his phone, where Naih finds out that him and Ysay have been texting about the event. Naih confronts her about it and the two get into their catfight 2.0.

As for Michiko, her path to detention was laid with sweetness and wheelchair tracks. Dale visited Michiko in school to give her flowers and told her that they wanted to have an adventure together. Michiko figuratively said screw it and decided to go with Dale, sweeping her off her feet like her knight in shining wheelchair. The blossoming love team decide to visit their batch’s time capsule. Michiko opens it up and reads the letter Dale left in it. It turns out that he wrote a love letter to his future wife, which he envisioned it to be Michiko. With the kilig already at a 10, the two then decide to kiss as Michiko’s story leaves the group, and us, in kilig overload. But before she could actually do it, she and Dale got caught by the guard, landing her in detention.


We then turn out attention towards Deib who, when grilled by the group, reveals that he cut class in order to attend a meeting with someone who has evidence related to the case. He accidently bumped into a car, which so happens to be the secretary of the principal and while wearing the school’s uniform to boot. It was soon detention for Deib Enrile.

As for Elle, her family life has been falling apart with her parents fighting and inching ever so close to separation. The pain of seeing her parents fight like that caused Elle to turn to alcohol to cope and she even brought some to school. Intoxicated, she throws up on the shoes of the school principal, the last person Elle wanted to see. At his office and with her guard down, Elle decides to chide the principal for ruining her family and to move on from her mom. Before he got in a word, Elle snapped and cursed at him, causing her to get detention.

Finally, it’s Max’s turn in the hot seat as she reveals that she attended a talk by Kim’s lolo, the politician who helped get Boyet arrested. His speech about how criminals are low lifes and deserved to be arrested caused Max to stand up for Boyet and ask him if politicians who steal are also considered criminals too. The heated back and forth caused her to get the detention slip but her point was valid. The clapbacks didn’t stop there though. Max then clapped back at Kim for insinuating that her family is full of criminals. When asked by the group why Boyet was there in the first place, she says that it was because he needed the money to pay for her hospital bill. In frustration, she walks off, causing Deib to chase after her.



At this point, Max is fuming and doesn’t want to see anyone at the moment. Even a sprain won’t stop her from walking away. But Deib runs after her, eventually catching up to Max in the elevator. What already was a weird situation became even more awkward when the school experiences a black out and they get stuck there. With little space and just the two of them together, they decide to talk, or in particular, Deib tells Max that he’s sorry for not knowing the context of why Tito Boyet did what he did.

He also offers her cookies and further opens his heart by adding that he misses her, misses them, and misses being with her and everything they used to do together. This honesty seems to have worked as the episode ends with the two holding hands just as the power comes back on. Who knew an elevator, a power outage, and Bingo cookies could fix their relationship.



Out of all the episodes from season two so far, episode 12 stands out thanks to its creative premise. All of them are stuck in detention and this singular setting allows them to play with the storyline a bit. Instead of following a set linear path, the plot jumps between the present and what happened in the subsequent week as they, and the audience, find out who pulled the fire alarm. It’s unlike episodes of the past and this experimentation is very much welcome and well done. We don’t know why each of them are in detention which keeps us hooked and engaged as we figure out why.

The main singular setting also allows the characters to showcase their chemistry. The episode it at times funny thanks to the unique predicament they find themselves in. But it also can get intense as emotions are high between many of the friends. Their individual stories of how they got in detention also serves as character development as we see the struggles they’ve been going through. Elle’s drunk escapade due to her parents’ fighting was a highlight because it found the usually stoic Elle at her wits end. Aside from Dale and Michiko, whose storyline is seemingly getting better and better, it seems that the love teams in Benison are going through a rough patch right now.

Donny and Belle deliver great performances as usual with their intense breakup in the episode’s beginning juxtaposed to their quiet tension when stuck in the elevator. But we love most how feisty Max was in the episode. She wasn’t afraid to clapback against Kim and even Deib when she was put in the hot seat which is something we low-key miss from her these past few episodes. If anything, the episode feels more like a part one rather than a whole episode as it ends in a bit of a half-baked conclusion. We still don’t know who pulled the fire alarm nor has everyone shared their story. But overall, episode 12’s tepid ending doesn’t take away too much from its different approach to its story and strong acting from the cast as a whole.

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