He’s Into Her: Episode 9 Bear vs. Shark Recap

He’s Into Her: Episode 9 Bear vs. Shark Recap

Who will Max choose?

In the penultimate episode of He’s Into Her, Deib and Randall form a shaky truce for Max while Deib tells Max the three-word sentence we’ve all been waiting for him to say.

As the final episode before the finale, episode 9 of He’s Into Her continues the momentum the show has set up since episode 6. This episode sees the aftermath of what happened between Elle and Max while it also lays the groundwork for who Randall and Deib are to Max’s life. Here is a recap of He’s Into Her: Episode 9 Bear vs. Shark.

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Episode 9 begins after the events of Elle and her mom leaving the house. Max is in her bedroom and going through social media when she reads a message from Kim in the Benison group chat about what happened between Elle and Max. The comments talk about her and her family in a not-so-subtle manner which causes Max to turn off her phone and get some fresh air. All the while Deib is with his friends and is worried about Max. He tried to call her ten times but she wouldn’t pick up the phone.

At a bar, Max is playing billiards when Randall shows up. They play a game together and she asks him if he had a girlfriend in the US and he says no. He then asks her if she had a boyfriend while he was away and Max says that she was loyal to him.

The scene then cuts to Kim and Khloe eating together. Khloe tells Kim that Deib has moved on from her and that she shouldn’t hope to get back with him. But Kim still believes that there is a chance and just needs to find dirt on Max. After checking out Max’s IG account, they discover that she follows Randall and that he posted a story of Max saying that she was always loyal to him. This then hatches a plan in Kim and she uploads a video on the Benison group chat showing the past photos of Randall and Max together as well as the IG story. This then gets Deib angry, and he goes to Max for an explanation.


Back at the bar, Max is reminiscing with Randall about her past. She says that she misses her old life and that she missed him, not so much as a boyfriend, but as a friend. Max is then going to talk about her and Elle before she stops herself. Randall tells Max that he is sorry for his past actions and that he would never hurt her again. Then, the two hug it out.

Deib catches this and is once again angry. A heated argument between the three ensues with Deib and Randall nearly going to blows after insulting each other. Max steps in and tells them to stop. The three then have a civil chat where Max opens up that she wants to forgive Elle but is still hurt by what she did. Deib then holds her hand and says that she is a good person. Randall holds her other hand and says that he will always be there for her. Max leaves for the restroom and the two agree to form a shaky truce and not give Max any more problems.

When it’s time to leave, Deib tells Max that he’ll take her home, but she says that he can’t because of her dad. Max says that she’ll go home by herself instead, but Deib insists that he go home with Randall. Before Max heads off, he grabs her by the hand and tells her that he can’t imagine his life without her and that he made his life better. Max then says that what the two of them have is a miracle and he gave her hope. All of this happens as Randall watches on.


The next day, Max joins her dad for breakfast and the two talk. She tells him that it would have been better if she just left and went back to Mindoro to avoid what happened with the family. But her dad insists that she doesn’t need to leave to make him happy. Instead, she should just be her daughter which Max happily complies with. Meanwhile, Deib gets new information about his brother’s attackers and learns that they have CCTV footage of the attack and could hopefully ID the criminals.

At The Barb, Max and Deib are sitting beside each other as they study. Deib tries to hold Max’s hand and she tells him not to since she’s studying. The two then have a playful back and forth with one another before Deib tells Max that if she needs a shoulder to cry on, she can go it on his.

Later in episode 9, while Max and her friends are chilling on the basketball court, Ysay shows up to ask for forgiveness. She initially is met with hostility from Naih and Migz, but Max lets Ysay speak. Ysay emotionally tells Max that she did what she did because she didn’t want her family to get hurt and break apart. She felt that if she ratted out Choco, her family would get ruined. Max tells Ysay that she is hurt by what she did but understands her motivations because that is what Elle did as well. She then forgives Ysay and the five of them have a group hug.


In arguably the most important scene of episode 9, Deib and Max go on a pre-date, complete with flowers, a stuffed bear, and romantic music. Deib tells Max that this is just a preview of what their relationship could look like and he knows that Max has feelings for him too which causes her to blush.

As they are talking, Max gets a text from her dad saying that he is coming home so she has to leave because he has no one at home to be with. Deib asks her to stay for five more minutes, and the subject of his mom is brought up. He says that ever since the accident, his mom has been avoiding him like the plague and she makes him feel like it’s his fault. Max tells him that he shouldn’t feel bad and that she will be there to support him. Deib then tells Max that he loves her and adds that she doesn’t need to say it back, only when she’s ready.

In the final scene of episode 9, it’s the day of the game and the group is outside the venue. Everyone is there except for Max. Kim, while wearing snake earrings, tries to use the situation to badmouth Max. But Dieb doesn’t fall for it and the episode ends.


As the penultimate episode of He’s Into Her, episode 9 could have strayed into becoming an episode that just builds up the finale and has little pay-off. But that doesn’t happen here and instead helps continue the momentum that the show has been building since the start of the second half of the season.

What episode 9 does and does well is to establish who Deib and Randall are in Max’s life. Deib is the man who got changed by Max and is on the verge of becoming her next soulmate and boyfriend. Deib is clear about his feelings for Max, and with the closure she got from Randall, she too could finally open up to Deib. But Randall too still has a presence in her life. Even if they are broken up, they still regard each other as friends and who have shared a lot of special moments together.

This then sets up an exciting finale as not only are Deib and Randall fighting it out on the court, but also where Max will ultimately fall towards; the former bully turned potential lover, or the former lover turned friend (though it’s kinda obvious who Max should end up with). We can’t wait to see how it all goes down in episode 10.

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