He’s Into Her Episode 10: Love Is A Game Recap

He’s Into Her Episode 10: Love Is A Game Recap

The end is finally here.

In the final episode of He’s Into Her, The Benison Bears and the Southbay Sharks face off while Max and Deib finally make things official.

We have finally reached the end of He’s Into Her. After weeks of buildup, we finally get to see the conclusion (at least for now) of Max and Deib’s story. And we even get a tease of what may come in the future. Here is a recap of He’s Into Her, episode 10, Love Is A Game.

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Episode 10 starts with a voice over from Deib. As clips from past episodes are being shown, he talks about meeting Max and how out of all the girls he could have fallen in love with, it was Max. He says that him meeting Max was no accident, it was actually destiny who brought them together. We then transition to the end of episode 9 where the gang is waiting on Max to arrive. It turns out she visited Deib’s mom to talk to her. Max revealed what Deib has been feeling and what he has done in regard to their relationship and asks her to attend the game so Deib has someone there to cheer him on.

The two then arrive at the game and they encounter Deib at the entrance. Deib and his mom have a heart-to-heart moment where she lays bare the fact that she has been a horrible mother to Deib for making him feel like it was his fault Dale is in the hospital. His mom was too busy grieving that he forgot about Deib and even enjoyed it when he would get hurt emotionally. But now, she is ready to change as she tells Deib that she loves him, and more importantly, knows that Max loves Deib.

He then heads inside as Max and Deib’s mom run into Khloe and Kim. Kim tries to greet Deib’s mom but gets shaded when his mom asks Kim if she’s there to cheer on the man who she left Deib for. The two leave and this is when tito Boyet and lola Bhaves arrive together with Randall. Randall was the one who invited Max’s family to the game to surprise her.


The game between the Bears and the Sharks is about to start and already Deib and Randall are playing mind games with one another. When Deib sees Max walk in with her lola and uncle and they have a good luck hug with Randall, he gets distracted. Right before the game starts, he gets a call from his source about finding the CCTV footage he’s been looking for, but he drops to the call. After Deib gives an inspirational speech to his team, the game starts and it’s a heated one.

The Sharks lead the Bears in every quarter, 14-23, 26-33, 37-45, and 52-62 by the beginning of the fourth quarter. To make matters worse, Randall taunts Deib on the court, saying that having Max say yes to him is harder than the game. Before the fourth quarter, starts, Deib heads to the bleachers as Tob and Lee tell him that he shouldn’t get psyched out by Randall.


Deib takes a breath, calms down, and it seems that time goes to a standstill. He opens his eyes and sees that it’s just him at the basketball court along with Max at the other side. But before Deib can get to her, Randall gets in the way, a metaphor of sorts of how Randall is what’s standing between him winning the game and Max. Randall tells Deib that he doesn’t know Max like he does and with the baggage he has, he will never be accepted by Max’s family. Deib agrees that he may not know Max as well as Randall, but that he can be and is a better man because he loves Max. He ends the conversation by saying that just like he promised Max, he will defeat him in the game.

In the climactic moment of episode 10, the two dramatically fight it out on the court while past quotes from Max and Deib are overheard. It’s the final moment and everything is on the line. It’s now time for Deib to redeem himself and show the world how much he has changed. There are seconds left on the clock as Deib shoots the winning throw for a final score of 65 Bears 64 Sharks. Everyone celebrates and Max runs to hug Deib.


After the game, Max and her friends are escorting her lola and uncle to the exit. Randall then shows up and tito Boyet congratulates him on the game. Tob, Lee, and Lorde show up and they decide to go ahead to The Barb for the afterparty along with the others.

It’s just Randall and Max alone, together. Max thanks him for bringing her family to the game. Randall then reveals that he still has hope that the two of them would get back together. He expresses how watching him cheer on Deib hurt him because he never got to experience that with her. Even though both of them have changed, he still wants to make things work and want Max to give him another chance.

Max tries to run away but Randall catches her and tells her that he still loves her and asks Max if she still loves him. Max says that she does. Deib sees this and leaves the scene. Max tries to chase after Deib and tells Randall to let her go because she loves him only as a friend while she loves Deib, and that is where her heart belongs. Randall lets her go.


Max chases after Deib and tells him to talk. Deib gets emotional and says that even if it hurts like hell, he’ll stop loving Max because he doesn’t want his emotions to be played with. Max tells him that what he saw was just a misunderstanding and finally admits that she loves him. Finally making their relationship official, the two say I love you to each other and kiss and makeup, though we don’t actually see it as it cuts to Migz eating a snack.

The gang is at The Barb and is celebrating their win. Deib and Max then enter while holding hands. He introduces Max as his MVP, the most important person, and the girl he loves. But Deib and Max aren’t the only couples to express their feelings in episode 10 as both Michiko and Tob and Naih and Lee say I love you to each other. It’s all happy endings for the group as Deib and Max finally revealed that they love each other until of course it’s revealed that Max’s uncle was actually part of the kidnappers who shot Dale.


As the finale of He’s Into Her, episode 10 had a lot riding on its shoulders to end the season well and it succeeds in doing that. The basketball game was exciting to watch and was filmed quite well. It was also nice how during the fourth quarter, the scene shifted to just Deib and Randall at the court while Max watches on, it makes things that much more dramatic and serves to cap things off with everything that has happened in the season. Max, Deib, and Randall also get the proper closure to their story arcs as Randall knows he’ll never get back with Max while Max and Deib are officially together.

Episode 10 not only manages to put a firm conclusion to Max, Deib, and Randall but also with other plotlines as well. Most notably, we get to see Deib and his mom finally reconcile and try to repair the animosity that has been built between the two of them. But of course, there are some plot threads that have yet to be resolved like how Max’s dad will react to Deib or the situation between Max, her dad, his wife, and Elle. And let’s not forget the revelation of Tito Boyet being part of the group of criminals who shot Dale. But all these and more can be answered in season 2 (*fingers crossed*).

All in all, episode 10 of He’s Into Her serves as a great finale for the series that not only manages to satisfactorily wrap up things nicely, but also leaves the door open for some new and interesting stories.

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