Here’s The Wholesome Reason Behind Kianna Dy’s New Jersey Number

Lucky number 13.

Even when they are apart, Kianna Dy and Dwight Ramos are still finding ways to make us smile.

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The professional volleyball world is abuzz as of late with the start of the brand new season of Philippine volleyball this February. And aside from the games fans get to watch, a new season also means our fave volleyball stars are hitting the court once more. One such star is Kianna Dy who is helping give F2 Logistics Cargo Movers an impressive showing so far at the 2023 PVL All-Filipino Conference. While we all know and love Kianna’s famous volleyball skills, one thing that has caught our attention is the jersey number she sports, 13. But there’s no bad luck here once you hear the heart-fluttering story behind the change.


When the recent PVL season began, fans noticed that instead of her usual 11, Kianna was wearing the number 13 on her jersey. Being unlucky is often associated with that number, but that’s not what is going on here. In a recent interview, Kianna revealed that the number is an homage to someone special in her life, her boyfriend and pro basketball player, Dwight Ramos. As she shared, 13 is her and Dwight’s anniversary. And if that wasn’t enough, her old 11 added with Dwight’s 2 from his jersey in Levanga Hokkaido in Japan’s B.League sums up to the total she now sports. Just like that, KKDwight stays winning as one of our favorite couples.

@puso_pilipinas That “13” has a lot more kilig factor in it than you think 🥺 #PusoPilipinas #PVLAFC2023 ♬ original sound – Puso Pilipinas

Even though they may sometimes be in a long-distance relationship, that connection is there and strong. If that isn’t enough, the two are ultimate couples goals with Kianna recently surprising Dwight by traveling to Japan just to see him. And now here she is wearing their special number on her chest. It’s like the time Troy gave Gabriela the T necklace in High School Music 2 but even better. Clearly, the bad juju is nowhere to be found.

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