8 Times Kianna Dy And Dwight Ramos Raised Our Standards

Best couple KKD.

Kianna Dy and Dwight Ramos’ sporting prowess is as strong as the bond of their kilig-inducing relationship.

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Philippine sports is home to its fair share of sporty couples. And one of our favorites is Kianna Dy and Dwight Ramos. While Kianna and Dwight are stars in the world of volleyball and basketball respectively, their relationship off the court is just as followed. After first meeting each other a few years ago at a party with the help of Thirdy Ravena, Kianna and Dwight soon hit it off in a relationship that makes most go “sana all.”

In the past couple of years, not only are the sports stars’ solid relationship goals, but they can also make most couples raise their standards. Here are some of our favorite moments from KKD that made our standards go higher than a basketball hoop.


A couple that plays sports together, stays together. Given that both are prime athletes, it’s no surprise that they spend quality time working out or playing sports together. Whether it be on Kianna’s vlogs or their Instagram stories, the two can be spotted sharing a good couple’s workout.


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They don’t call him saint Dwight for anything. It’s no secret that Dwight treats his girl right. One of our favorite moments was his birthday gift for Kianna where he sent her a Ferrero chocolate box, Kianna’s favorite chocolate, but disguised as if it came from a secret admirer. And as a sign of just how strong their relationship is, Kianna knew it was Dwight because of the way the letter was written.


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There’s no feeling quite like when your significant other decides to try something you enjoy. That can be seen when Dwight taught Kianna how to play Call Of Duty. Even if Kianna doesn’t play the game, she still tried to learn which Dwight was more than appreciative of, saying that it was his dream of getting to play COD Warzone duos with his girl.


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On the outside, Dwight may look like a tough bad boy. But really, he’s a true gentleman. During one of their Q&As, Kianna asked Dwight what he thinks she would do if she thought another girl was hitting on him. Dwight wasn’t there to entertain any what-ifs though and said that he will deal with it before Kianna has to worry about anything. Where can we find another Dwight Ramos?


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To most couples, long distance can mean a death sentence to their relationship. But for KKD, they made it work. When Dwight was abroad for basketball, he and Kianna would make sure to video call each other every night and do things like watch Grey’s Anatomy. And that’s on having a healthy relationship.


@kkdwightfam 2019 as a friend/suitor to 2022 as the boyfriend. Dwight is Mr. Consistent. He’d be in every game if he could 🫶🥹 #dwightramos #kiannady #kkdwight #KKDwightendgame ♬ Night Changes – One Direction

Kianna and Dwight are no strangers to competition. But between the two, it’s nothing but love. Over the years, both athletes have been spotted attending and cheering each other in their games. Kianna watches Dwight’s Gilas games and Dwight watches Kianna’s volleyball matches. We love a supportive couple.


Dwight and Kianna already look so good together. But the fact they often like to coordinate their outfits makes it ten times better. Just like with their skills, relationship and style game are both on-point. 



uyyy kilig 😋

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After we saw this, let’s just say Dwight wasn’t the only one smiling. If the two wrote a book on relationship tips, we would be buying it in an instant.

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