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8 UAAP Athletes And Their Partners Who Are Each Other’s Biggest Cheerleaders

There really is something about dating an athlete.

Behind the talent, hard work, and determination of these UAAP athletes is a partner who’s ready to show support through thick and thin.

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When it comes to the athletes of the UAAP, doing what they do is no joke. It takes, among other things, talent, hard work, and drive to achieve the feats they have accomplished as star athletes. But aside from looking internally, it also helps that you have external support as well. And for these athletes, a major source of their strength and motivation comes from their partners. These following couples are very much goals when it comes to their relationship with the support they have for one another and even give us the feels every now and then.


For this couple, sports follows them on and off the court. As you know, Raffy is a player for the Ateneo de Manila Men’s Basketball team who made his return to the UAAP this year after focusing on his studies. Frannie, meanwhile, is a familiar face for UAAP viewers as she was a UAAP student correspondent for a few years before transitioning to a full time career in sports journalism. The two have been together for a while now and in fact, recently celebrated their second anniversary.


Dare we say it, but we’re gonna call these two a UAAP power couple. CJ and Alliana both have successful careers with CJ being a star player for UP while Alliana has a strong following on YouTube. But what’s great about these two is that they have known each other since their high school days. It all started via Twitter before they began dating in senior high school. The two social media stars have been going strong since then. When not showing their love for one another on social media, you can catch both on Alliana’s YouTube channel where CJ appears on occasion.


Another couple who have known each other for a while, Tyler and Andi can trace their relationship all the way back to high school. And ever since then, the two have remained an item where they occasionally share their date nights on social media and Andi being there to cheer on the former Blue Eagle turned pro player during his games. May we all have a long lasting relationship like with what Tyler and Andi have.


Early during UAAP Season 84, Ricci decided to surprise everyone when he did his now famous, or should we say infamous, public proposal to Andrea Brillantes asking if he could be her boyfriend. She said yes and the two have been one of the most talked about couples of the year since. While their relationship has had its fair share of controversy, the two genuinely love and support each other with Blythe consistently being on the sidelines cheering the co-captain of the Fighting Maroons. On social media, the two also aren’t shy of showing their love for one another such as when Ricci recently celebrated his birthday.  


Carl Tamayo had a phenomenal debut year this season. He was a standout on the court and helped bring UP to their first championship win in decades. For that, he was awarded Rookie of the year. And by his side through it all was his girlfriend, Eunice Villota. The two have been together for over five years now with their support for one another being as strong as ever. Eunice congratulated Carl for his Rookie of the year title while he has an entire story highlight dedicated to her.


SJ Belangel surprised many recently when he announced that he was joining the Korean Basketball League instead of finishing his final years in Ateneo. But regardless of what SJ does, we have a feeling his girlfriend Isabel will be their to support him. The two have been together for a couple of years now and their IG feeds are littered with posts dedicated to each other. We love how many of their posts are collabs with each other and that their profile pics on IG are couple pics. Too cute.


While Brix Ramos may not have had as memorable of a season as compared to his fellow teammates, he is winning in the game of love. Brix has been in a relationship with model and personality Athena Madrid for a little over a year now and it’s clear that the two love each other. On social media, you can spot the two commenting on each other’s posts with Athena supporting Brix any chance she can get. Brix even has an entire IG story highlight dedicated to their relationship.


We love a successful athletic couple. The two basketball players are stars in their own right. Shaun is a social media star and rising pro player while Camille recently bagged herself a gold medal at the SEA Games when the Philippine women’s basketball team won first place. Shaun and Camille’s talents on the court also equal of that of how hard they love and support one another. Their sweet pics and words for each other give us all the kilig we need.

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