The World’s First Live Gaming Reality TV Show

Meet The Three Filipinos Competing In Good Game Asia, The World’s First Live Gaming Reality TV Show

And may the best gamer win!

TV won’t be the same with the launch of the very first live gaming reality TV show. And three Filipino gamers are vying to be the show’s first winner.

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If you can think of it, then there probably is a reality show about it. From drag queens to pageants for toddlers and even the luxurious world of selling real estate in California, you’ve probably binged it by now. So really, it was only a matter of time before video games got the reality show treatment. And that’s coming our way real soon with the impending premiere of Good Game Asia, the first ever live gaming reality TV show. And among the 15 gamers vying for the win, there are three Filipinos hoping to make history.


Good Game Asia is a multi-channel reality show that will follow 15 international gamers battling it out in a series of challenges for S$200,000 in cash and prizes, and the right to be crowned Asia’s next gaming entertainment superstar. Set in Singapore and hosted by Sezairi and Syaza Tan, the show brings together a collection of seasoned veterans and new amateur gaming talent from all over Asia to compete in the “Good Game Arena” both online and offline around the garden city.

What’s interesting about the show is that it isn’t technically pre-taped and aired later in the year. Instead, during the 10 weeks it’s airing, that is when the show is also filming. The contestants will all live together and are free to do whatever they want in Singapore during this time as long as they do their responsibilities and production schedule. In a sense, it’s a live experience where fans and viewers get to see what goes down right as it happens all in the name of natural and authentic engagement. In the end, viewers get to see the real faces of the contestants and the story of what it takes to make it in the industry.

During their journey, the contestants will hopefully win prizes, sponsorships, and more importantly, grow their fan base as they establish themselves in the gaming industry. And in the cast there are three Pinoys looking to do just that. Even if they won’t win, these people might just become your next favorite gaming creator. If you are intrigued by the shows premise, here are the names you may want to root for.


Who says you can’t mix school with gaming?Certainly not Shin Gonzaga. With over one million followers on her Facebook page, Shin is a rising star in the local gaming scene. The streamer, gamer, and content creator is also a licensed teacher and holds a secondary English-education degree. When not teaching students, she is schooling other gamers during her streaming sessions.  


Valerie Byczko, who goes by the name Rebyczko online, is a multi-faceted force in the gaming scene. Among her many accomplishments include competing in League of Legends, taking home cosplay awards (Rampage 2016, Hobbifest 2017), and partnering with big brands such as Genshin Impact, Facebook, CodaShop, and Rumble Royale for content creation. When not on the gaming scene, the cosplay streamer has also been involved in other fields. She plays football, has competed and won in pageants, and is even a model. And to top it all off, Rebyczko still finds the time to go to school as she’s currently a student of veterinary medicine soon-to-be of Industrial Design.


When you have the eye-catching handle of Ang Negrong Gamer, it isn’t hard to get people’s attention. Though Max Osasona has made sure to keep that attention. Max has been a gamer since 1995, over 27 years now. In 2017, he became a sailor before becoming a father in 2018. If he’s not gaming or streaming on his nearly 70,000 strong Facebook page, Max is sailing the high seas as he’s a licensed Officer-at-Sea with degrees in Marine Engineering, as well as Sociology & Anthropology. The sailor and content creator’s hard worked has manifested through partnerships with names and brands like Facebook, Mobile Legends/Moonton, and Rumble Royale.

See who makes it to the end when Good Game Asia airs in English on Warner TV every Friday beginning on 10 June at 7.35pm PH time. You can also catch it on Good Game Asia’s website,, featuring one-hour pre- and post-show commentary and live streaming by the contestants and local hosts in-market. Korean superstar and Running Man host Haha will also be hosting weekly viewing parties through his own social media channels.

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